March 23rd, House Bill 1061 – Sponsor Delegate Shank, Co Sponsor Delegate Serafini – DOC reporting of Immigration Status

Dear Citizens, please make the contacts needed to get this bill passed.  It will report the immigration status of those arrested and held in our Prison and Jail System.


Bill is in the House – First Reading Judiciary

File Code: Public Safety

Sponsored By:
Delegates Shank, Bartlett, Bates, Costa, Elmore, George, Haddaway, Kach, Kipke, Krebs, McComas, McConkey, Serafini, Smigiel, and Stifler

Public Safety – Correctional Facilities – Immigration Status of Inmates


Requiring a managing official of a correctional facility or the managing official’s designee to require an individual committed to the correctional facility to provide information as to the immigration status of the individual; requiring a managing official of a correctional facility or the managing official’s designee to send an immigration alien query to the Law Enforcement Support Center of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency for specified information; etc.

History by Legislative and Calendar DateExplain Legislative Date and Calendar Date
Any actions occurring today are available in the proceedings and hearing schedule

House Action

First Reading Judiciary
Hearing 3/23 at 1:00 p.m.

Senate Action

No Action

Legislative date is used to record history occurring in the Chambers otherwise Calendar date is used.

Sponsored by:
Bill indexed under the following Subjects:
Bill affects the following Statute:

Delegate Christopher B. Shank, District 2B
Delegate Joseph R. Bartlett, District 4A
Delegate Gail H. Bates, District 9A
Delegate Robert A. Costa, District 33B
Delegate D. Page Elmore, District 38A
Delegate Ron George, District 30
Delegate Jeannie Haddaway, District 37B
Delegate Wade Kach, District 5B
Delegate Nicholaus R. Kipke, District 31
Delegate Susan W. Krebs, District 9B
Delegate Susan K. McComas, District 35B
Delegate Tony McConkey, District 33A
Delegate Andrew A. Serafini, District 2A
Delegate Michael D. Smigiel, Sr., District 36
Delegate Donna Stifler, District 35A

Aliens and Citizenship
Correction, Division of
Correctional Institutions -see also- Patuxent Institution
Crimes and Punishments -see also- Penalties and Sentnc; etc.
Electronic Government
Federal Government
Prisoners -see also- Ex-Offenders
Records -see also- Land Records; Vital Records

Correctional Services
( 9-614 )


All documents except Roll Call Votes are displayed in PDF format:

Bill Text: First Reading, Third Reading, Enrolled

Fiscal and Policy Note: Not available at this time

Amendments: None offered


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