Hagerstown MD – Should Erect Monument to Veterans

Letter from Citizen to get Monument Erected in Hagerstown to honor the Veterans.

MARCH 9, 2010
I wonder how many of your readers including veterans of our military are aware of the fact that no place within the city of Hagerstown is there a monument that pays tribute to all the veterans of our many wars who faced our enemies in defense of our constitution , our rights, our flag and our very lives .
The one monument located on memorial blvd. is dedicated to the world war one vets … almost every small town in Washington county has a veterans memorial of some sort but  not Hagerstown , the hub city and the county seat have none .
A few years back I appeared before the city council asking that they donate a few feet of land so that a small group of my friends and fellow vets could erect a monument to honor all veterans .. We had the money in the bank to pay for the monument but  I met with absolute and total resistance from the council , why I shall never know .. I do know that we were not treated fairly .
I have recently contacted the city and county governments by email regarding this matter but have not received any response , again I know not why …
Being just one person I carry very little weight with the governments so I will respectfully ask that all the patriotic citizens, veterans and all the service connected clubs petition the local lawmakers demanding that we pay honor and tribute to all our veterans who many of which fought, bled and died for all of us to remain free..
Should the local governments still refuse to erect a monument I would like to know why , all vets deserve a explanation .
Sincerely :

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