Please go to US Senate Candidate Carmen Amedori’s website – Petition NO to Reconciliation

Carmen Amedori for U.S. Senate

“The misuse of the arcane process of reconciliation – a process intended for deficit reduction – to enact substantive policy changes is an undemocratic disservice to our people and to the Senate’s institutional role.” “Tactics that ignore the means in pursuit of the ends are wrong when the outcome affects Americans’ health and economic security.” –Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) Washington Post 3.9.09 We agree with Carmen Amedori that our United States Senator, Barbara Mikulski, should not vote in favor of reconciliation to pass the President’s sweeping overhaul of healthcare.Reconciliation has been used only 19 times since 1980. The majority of its usage has been for passing omnibus budget bills that were approved by a wide margin. This parliamentary procedure has never been used to enact legislation of the magnitude of Obamacare.

Health care reform should have bipartisan support. Obviously, this reform plan is extremely flawed when no elected Republican Senators will support it. Furthermore, poll after poll shows that the American public is opposed. A national mandate is not the way to make health care more affordable.

We are asking our United States Senator Barbara Mikulski to listen to her constituents by voting no reconciliation.


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