The Vindictiveness of Senate President Thomas V. Michael Miller

Maryland Senate President Mike Miller’s actions against a staff employee of Republican State Senator Andy Harris last week reveals Miller’s true motives. To understand Senator Miller’s motives, one must consider to which political party one belongs and the timing of actions.

For a recap of the saga, see here.

Partisan Politics

Currently, Democrat Senator Ulysses Currie is under investigation by the FBI regarding serious conflict of interest violations in his position as chairman of the Budget and Taxation Committee, the most powerful committee in the Maryland General Assembly, which controls the purse strings of the state legislature. On top of that, he is now suspected of campaign finance violations for using those funds to pay for the legal fees surrounding the FBI investigation.

Has Senate President Mike Miller called for Currie’s resignation? To the contrary, he has defended Currie’s use of the funds, even after an opinion from the Attorney General stated that campaign finance funds could not be used to pay for Sheila Dixon’s legal fees. See video here.

Why, then, would Senator Miller go after a senate staffer over a small personnel policy issue that doesn’t even appear to be a violation?

The Timing of the complaints against Senator Harris

February 4 – Democrat leaders Mike Miller and Michael Busch receive a letter from the Democrat Central Committees of Baltimore and Harford Counties. The letter contends that Kathy Szeliga is in violation of the General Assembly’s personnel policy and asks for action from Miller and Busch.

Nearly two weeks goes by with no response from Democrat leadership.

February 12 – Andy Harris draws up amendments to the pension reform bill SJ5 after the same amendments by Republican Delegate Bill Frank had been prevented in the House chamber by Michael Busch. See article here.

See all of Ann Millers story at the following link.


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