Maryland Voters Want their State Back – Begin Email Assault on the General Assembly and Casa De Maryland

Gustavo Torres Executive Director of Casa De Maryland.

Maryland Voters begin to Hammer the Assembly on their Love for Casa De Maryland

To State Assembly, Media, Maryland Voters, GOP and Fox News and other Press and Media Outlets and Affiliated Advocacy Groups and Help Save Maryland;

Maryland Voters speaking out against Illegal Alien Supporting Group Casa De Maryland and the Delegates that support them.

Letter to one of the Illegal Alien Delegate Supporters making the Rounds on the Internet and to the press.

Email Address protected regarding rights to Privacy, which some Delegates do break.


From: Marta Englehart
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 09:07:56 -0800 (PST)
To: <>
Subject: Your Subversive Support of Illegal Aliens and Central American Solidarity Association

The above “CASA” group does NOT belong in the U.S. They belong in Central America being the “Central AmericanSolidarity Association”. They people they support also belong in their own Central American countries–not in the United States. They are not “immigrants”–they agents of foreign powers meddling in our government, hijacking our politicians and corrupting elected officials who should be looking after the U.S. Citizens’ welfare–not those of these illegal aliens dumped on us by the pathetic countries they are so proud of. They are supporting politicians like yourself and your ilk who are the same type of corrupt scum that has created the horrid conditions they left behind in their own countries. The end result is that this country will become the same shit as the countries they left behind.

Having violated our Sovereignty and our Immigration Laws (something they would never permit others to do in their own countries):

1) they steal our jobs,
2) depress our wages
3) destroy our law abiding small american businesses who cannot compete with their very expensive “cheap labor”
4) a great many do not pay taxes, being paid cash under the table then
5) send money to their own countries (money which should be staying here in the U.S., earned and spent by U.S. citizens) to support OUR economy, not bail out theirs),
6) bankrupt our hospitals with their abuse of our emergency and medical services they get free driving up our healthcare costs and diminishing the quality of healthcare for our own U.S. Citizens, (they have succeeded in bankrupting California, where many emergency rooms have had to close and where the government has had to issue I.O.U.s in lieu of paychecks to government employees and creditors)
7) violate every zoning, housing and firecode laws our neighborhoods, turning them into the same dumps they left in their own country, and devaluating the properties of the U.S. Citizens
8) bankrupt our social services systems, availing themselves of food stamps, medicaid, and flooding our schools with their children driving up the cost of our education, which the American taxpaying citizen has to foot the bill for
9) import Salvadoran and other foreign gangs and crime into our neighborhoods to the point where the citizen is not safe in their own homes
10) while here illegally, they support and elect Marxists rulers in their own countries in the hope of their putting pressure on our own Government to turn it to their purposes and to meet THEIR needs not those of the U.S. citizens something they would never permit others to do in their own countries recognizing it for what it is: an act of war and attempt to take over their country.

These people are a hostile attack on the U.S., its Sovereignty and its Citizens as are the organizations, such as CASA who support, fund, organize and encouragement. You as a U.S. citizen are performing an Act of Treason for supporting their cause.

These people, who are all very proud of being Mexican, Salvadoran, Ecuadorans, etc., etc., etc., and are here ILLEGALLY violating all our laws and interfering with our government and corrupting politicians like you so that you put their interests above ours, the Citizens of the United States of American, should be rounded up by immigration and returned to their own countries of which they are so proud, so that they can organize there and protest THERE and ask THEIR own governments and politicians whom THEY have elected why they cannot find a job in their own countries and why their needs are not being met in their own homes. Perhaps their governments should tax THEIR fellow
citizens to pay for their social services in their countries instead of leeching off of ours.

My parents and I came to this country LEGALLY, fleeing communist persecution in our native land. We became naturalized citizens and renounced allegiance to any and all foreign countries. We cast our lot with our fellow americans. We have worked and studied hard, paid our taxes and never, ever collected a penny of public assistance. We love and observe all its laws, federal, state and all local laws and ordinances. These people have broken into our country illegally and are making demands of us the Citizens and of a government whose main priority should be to serve us. They are attempting to change this country to suit their needs and if they are allowed to continue they will make this country the same shit and disaster they left behind. Immigration laws need to be enforced to the fullest extent and they should be deported, along with their children, regardless of where they were born, back to their home countries.

BTW, we lived in Mexico and even though we were there LEGALLY, my sister, who was born in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, was not granted Mexican citizenship. No other country in the world, especially not those of Central, South America and Mexico, grants birthright citizenship. The only way a child can obtain birthright citizenship is if at least one of the parents is already a citizen.

Do not separate families. Anyone found here illegally should be sent back with their whole family including their children. Stop this (edited due to language).

Marta Alfonso Englehart

Stop Congress’s Undemocratic and Totalitarian Takeover of our Healthcare
Please write your Congressmen and Donate Today.


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