Immigration Enforcement Bills Take Off In The States! From Alipac

Immigration Enforcement Bills Take Off In The States!
Posted on Monday, February 15 @ 11:49:56 EST
Topic: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Americans for Legal Immigration PACALIPAC Team,

We have never seen this many immigration enforcement bills spring up this early in the year!

Your efforts are yielding results! ALIPAC activists and supporters of NumbersUSA and other great groups are pushing hard in the states.

If you have not contacted your state representatives yet, please do so immediately. Make sure you contact your own and encourage others you know to do the same. If you have time, get personalized calls, e-mails, and letters on the way soon.

Our message to state legislators is “I want my state to cut off taxpayer resources to illegal aliens and illegal immigration supporting groups, crack down on employers who hire illegals, and empower local and state police to enforce immigration laws.”

We have even provided you with some strong examples of legislation passed in other states you can use to get things rolling in your state found at this link….

ALIPAC Launches Battle of the States 2010!


While you are working to get legislation filed in your home state, please take immediate action to support legislation filed in the following 14 states….

Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia

If you facilitate or spot state legislation that fights illegal immigration that is not on our list yet, please notify us as soon as possible so ALIPAC can structure a campaign for our activists.

You can always find the link to our latest Battle Of The States 2010 FOCUS campaigns on our homepage in the ANNOUNCEMENTS box at

Here is the direct link for your notes….

Please click on that link and then select your home state or a state near you that is active and follow the simple activist instructions you find in this area.

Our volunteers on the State Campaigns Team are working hard to keep these activist tools updated for your use.

Now we need thousands of you to get your mouses clicking, phones dialing, and e-mails and faxes flying!

We need more states with filed immigration enforcement legislation we can support!

We need thousands of calls, e-mails, letters, and faxes flooding into state house and senate offices!

So far, we are on the offense in all states except for Iowa, where they are pushing another in-state tuition for illegal aliens bill we have to defeat.

Our opposition groups are still trying to hang on to their chances of passing the Amnesty bill that is active in Congress. ALIPAC will be taking more direct actions to defeat this Amnesty bill, but we need everyone on our side to understand that enforcement progress in the states puts illegal aliens on the run out of some areas of the country and helps us stall and defeat Federal amnesty legislation.

Please proceed to our state campaigns area as soon as possible to assist in as many states as possible at this link…

Personalized assistance is available to you if you have any comments, feedback, questions, or suggestions you can post at this tracking link….

or write directly to

Let’s make this our best year ever in the states!



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