Senate SB 397 and HB 603 – Health Care Freedom Act of 2010

A bill all Marylanders should get behind and testify on, or at least, contact your State House Assembly in Marland it is cross filed with House Bill 603



Bill is in the Senate – First Reading Finance

File Code: Public HealthCrossfiled with: HOUSE BILL 603

Sponsored By:
Senators Pipkin, Jacobs, and Mooney

Health Care Freedom Act of 2010


Adding a new article to the Maryland Constitution to enact limits on the regulation of health care in the State; prohibiting a law from compelling, directly or indirectly, specified persons to participate in any health care system; prohibiting specified persons from being required to pay penalties or fines under specified circumstances; specifying that the purchase or sale of specified health insurance may not be prohibited by law; authorizing persons to pay directly or accept direct payment for specified health care services; etc.

History by Legislative and Calendar Date

Legislative date is used to record history occurring in the Chambers otherwise Calendar date is used. Explain Legislative Date and Calendar Date
Any actions occurring today are available in the proceedings and hearing schedule

Senate Action

First Reading Finance
Hearing 2/17 at 1:00 p.m.

House Action

No Action

Sponsored by:

Senator E. J. Pipkin, District 36
Senator Nancy Jacobs, District 34
Senator Alexander X. Mooney, District 3


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