Maryland Assemblymen and Women Your View: State officials displayed arrogance toward citizens

Dear State Assembly and Media,
Someone is finally speaking out on the arrogance of Assemblymen and Women on how they are snickered about, ignored, or playing with their Twitter and Facebooks accounts during Testimonies.  This is beyond reproach and horrific.  We, the people, who empower you and trust you with our votes are being ignored? Say it ain’t so.  It’s time for exposure, and I once said, when testimonies begin, if this sort of behavior was going to take place, you would be held accountable and the press notified of your actions.  As it is, a constituent spoke out, on the horrible treatment they received when testifying.  I wonder, are you snickering during testimony of Child Predator Laws are being discussed or when you are spending our tax dollars for Illegal Aliens without caring what we say?  Quite frankly, I am used to Delegates and Senators ignoring my freedoms of speech and the right to hold them accountable for misappropriate behaviors. I say, continue to ignore me, that is your right as well, use your email block if you don’t like what I have to say, but as a Representative of Maryland Voters, I will continue to email you when I find you in the wrong.  When you do something good, I will applaud that as well, but you haven’t given us anything to applaud about in the last 3 years, or for that matter, decades. Remember, when you are Twittering or Facebooking during Testimonies, those of us following, see it.
Your View: State officials displayed arrogance toward citizens
The Feb. 4 Maryland General Assembly hearings conducted by the Ways and Means Committee was an incredible performance of utter rudeness and arrogance. Although not surprised, at least 20 of us, both unacquainted rookie- and veteran-attendees, were unanimously dumbfounded by it.
Needless to say, Chairwoman Sheila Hixson’s leadership was embarrassingly lacking.
We went to listen, learn and/or testify on HB92 (Job Creation and Tax Credit Bill) and HB204 (Property Tax Assessment & Appeals Task Force). The only ones apparently worthy of any respect were the “professionals,” i.e. paid lobbyists and government staffers.
Otherwise, during citizenry testimonies, many elected officials were either inattentive, interrogating, condescending, mentally and physically wandering, snickering, ridiculing, even noticeably and publicly preoccupied with Twitter (see proof from Montgomery County’s Delegate Bill Frick on
www.americans and other laptop activities.
Their message seemed to be “hurry up and shut up!”
The arrogance we witnessed in Annapolis is exactly why millions of citizens nationwide have had enough of the politicians in their local communities, state capitals and Washington. Nov. 2 and recent elections will be the euphoric culmination of our campaigning and voting these jokers out of office.
Until then, any amount of help to end this citizen mockery will be a tremendous contribution in helping to take our country back.
Maureen Harper


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