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  1. Posted by jacki on February 13, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    Dear Supporter:
    Thank you for your prompt expression of support for the five legislative proposals that I have introduced in the
    Maryland General Assembly this year. Below, I have listed the bills with their committee assignments. Only
    one has been scheduled for a hearing. However, I hope you will follow the progress of these bills at the
    General Assembly website: Everyday this information changes and hearing dates
    are added at the end of the ‘synopsis’ page of each bill. I also would appreciate you contacting the
    members of the appropriate committee for each bill with your comments of support.
    I now have numbers for these bills and I have attached some information about each of them so you may
    help me get them passed.
    House Bill (HB) 847 (State Government – Notary Public – Requirements
    mandates that one must be a citizen in order to obtain a Notary Public. This will be heard by the House
    Health & Government Operations Committee, but it has not been assigned a hearing date.

    HB 864 (Jessica’s Law Part II – Truth in Sentencing) will prohibit the early release of sexual offenders by
    good-time credits. This bill will be heard on Feb. 23, 2010 at 1 PM in the House Judiciary Committee.

    Next, the English language bills pertain to Baltimore County (HB865) and Harford County (HB1020) and
    have both been assigned to the House Health & Government Operations Committee (I am on this committee).
    All members of the Harford County Delegation have signed on to co-sponsor this legislation. Not all Baltimore
    County Delegation members have indicated their support for this proposal.

    HB866 (Public Safety – Enforcement of Federal Immigration Law by Law Enforcement Agencies) will
    require local law enforcement to enforce the Federal immigration laws. This bill has been referred to the House
    Judiciary Committee, but has not been assigned a hearing date.

    Please write, phone, or e-mail the members of each committee and express your support for this legislation.
    Also, please contact the Baltimore County Delegation members to urge their support of the English language bill.
    Contact information follows this letter.
    If you would like to come to Annapolis to testify at any of the hearings, please call my intern, Patrick Rafferty,
    at 410-841-3334 and he will explain the hearing, parking, directions, etc. to you.
    As always, I appreciate your continued support of my efforts in Annapolis.
    Del. Pat McDonough


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