Illegal Immigrants Are Leaving And We Are Helping Them Go

Illegal Immigrants Are Leaving And We Are Helping Them Go
Posted on Friday, February 12 @ 14:31:51 EST
Topic: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Americans for Legal Immigration PACFriends of ALIPAC,

For the second year in a row, both sides of the illegal immigration debate agree that the illegal alien population is falling rapidly in America. The pro-Amnesty U.S. Department of Homeland Security says it is true and so does the pro-immigration enforcement group we support, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

This new report for 2009, combined with the data from 2008, suggests a drop of 2 million in the illegal alien population of America.

This proves a very important point! Enforcement instead of amnesty works, illegal immigration can be reversed, and there is no need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty.

While the Amnesty supporters cry that the bad economy alone is responsible for the rapid declines, we know that is only part of the equation. Evidence we have archived from government, media, and activist reports across America, indicate that local or state level immigration enforcement leads to gradual exoduses of illegal aliens.

ALIPAC has worked very hard for five years to get more local police agencies enforcing immigration laws and some form of immigration enforcement legislation through in over 35 states!

Yet, there is another factor where we have unintentionally helped the exodus of illegal aliens.

At ALIPAC we are committed to peaceful political solutions to illegal immigration and we work together in unity with Americans of every race, denomination, political party, and walk of life.

Yet, for the last three years the Spanish media combined with the corporate and George Soros sponsored attack groups like La Raza, Southern Poverty Lie Center, The Defamation League, Media Matters, and others have shot themselves in the political foot!

In an effort to silence free speech and other American rights, they have demonized groups and talk radio show hosts like ALIPAC, the Tea Parties, NumbersUSA, Minuteman groups, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, etc….

They have tried to use these scare tactics to energize and galvanize their “Civil Rights” base and illegal-alien supporting minions.

While none of us at ALIPAC ever wanted unnecessary fear beyond the enforcement of our existing laws to be used as a weapon against illegal immigration, these illegal alien supporting groups have helped send illegal aliens running for the border.

It is truly a shame that many illegal aliens, legal immigrants, and American Hispanics go to bed at night worrying that their families might be in danger from roving bands of crazed vigilantes out to hurt people with brown skin. This condition rarely exists in our nation, but after the Hispanic media has finished their nightly broadcasts filled with deception, who can blame them for thinking it was true?

Seriously, if you watch Telemundo, Univision, or read one of the many Spanish language newspapers around the nation you can see them lie to their audience, claiming that millions of Americans and about every main stream organization against illegal immigration is actually violent and racist and on the verge of harming Latinos indiscriminately.

While attacks on illegal aliens or Hispanics by American citizens are extremely rare, compared to the daily barrage of articles coming in from across America of innocent Americans raped, robbed, molested, scammed, or killed by illegal aliens, the Spanish media has tried to create a false impression of clear and present danger against all Hispanics.

Their lies and aggression have created a very tense and dangerous situation in America that could manifest in wide scale mayhem under certain conditions.

However, one of their unexpected results has been to send many illegal aliens running for the borders on the way out!

I truly believe that Telemundo, Univision, the Spanish papers, the SPLC, ADL, Media Matters, La Raza, and many others have greatly helped the mass exodus of illegal aliens that we are seeing because they have unfortunately and unnecessarily terrorized the illegal alien population with lies and exaggerations that have created an extreme state of fear in the homes of the illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens are men and women like us all. They have committed crimes and they need to experience justice under our system and return to their own nations. Yet, I am appalled that many of these men and women look at their children at night fearing racial violence due to the propaganda they are bombarded with in the Spanish media.

The fault for this unnecessary terror that is abusive to Americans and illegal aliens alike, rests on the shoulders of the Spanish media and the Media Matters Soros groups that have engaged in such outlandish lies and distortions in their ruthless pursuit of their radical Open Borders political agendas.

While many Americans will cheer with enthusiasm that the illegal aliens are on the run, let us all remember that we need to advance on our opposition in the proper way now that our opponents are in retreat.

Let us all pull together as Americans to assure that the media and attack groups responsible for these abuses of the truth against Americans and illegal immigrants alike are the next to be on the run politically!

Here is today’s CBS article for you to review. Please follow the link at the end, if you wish to comment on this article or this e-mail alert.

More good things to come.

CBS Report
Number of Illegal Immigrants Plunges by 1M

William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team


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