Mr. James Woods for Washington County Sheriff – Candidate to Replace Sheriff Doug Mullendore

Citizens to Elect Jim Woods Sheriff of Washington County – Candidate announcement tomorrow at 10 am town board of elections.

I am a 3o plus year veteran of public service. I use the term public service because it conveys the feeling I have for my career. In those years of service I have served our nation in the armed forced, and continued my service through the law enforcement community.

I have lived in Washington County since 1989 and love it. I have served in Federal service, State, County and currently Municipal. I have worked the road in general patrol, criminal investigations, explosive disposal, K-9 and arson investigation.

I have been recognized throughout my career as a leader with proven skills in motivating others and getting the job done.

The waste currently happening within our county government is truly shocking. The connection with the community being served has been lost and morale within the agency has flagged.

I pledge to lead by example, improving morale and community based services. In addition I will act with true stewardship in the handling of the agency’s 20 plus million dollar budget.

Spending your money wisely and on projects that will have direct impact on performance in serving Washington County. I will hold myself fully accountable to the citizens of this county and will require the same of each member and employee of the department.

I will make regular contact with community based groups and municipal government and will work to strengthen the liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and the allied agencies working within our boarders.

I will serve each and every citizen with all I have and will accessible when needed.

Link to campaign site under construction


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  1. Posted by Linda Altizer on July 27, 2010 at 9:52 PM

    Jim Woods is the man we need in the Sheriff position! He is a man of honor, honesty and integrity. As you can read in this article, it is not about himself; but how he can benefit this area. With his unique background and high qualifications, we are highly blessed with his offer to serve us.


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