Open Email to Governor O’Malley of Maryland

Washington County and Western Maryland fully support a change for Governor.  NO to OMalley, yes to someone else.  We all know who that someone else is too.

They are no longer fooled by the Numbers.  Tax Credits for business’s who have no work to hire anyone anyways, so that is a falacy, you can’t give money to business’s without NEW WORK to hire NEW EMPLOYEES.
This year’s budget is larger then what Maryland Revenues come in at for 2009, Spending to continues to fund the Bay Program and other program’s that do not work.
Counties are circumventing the Governor and beginning to institute E Verify without the Assembly.  PG and MOCO do not control the state.
Majority of Marylanders believe in their Gun Rights and Pro Life and for the Death Penalty to be amended to make it simplar to put someone on death row for Murder, especially that of a child at the hands of an Adult.
OMalley continues to furlough state workers while not downsizing his own administration and wants to increase his administration with the SO Called Obama Cyber Security CZAR, another in a line of invasions to the people’s right to privacy.
Slots is a huge failure.
OMalley’s failure to keep his promises to Marylanders once he took office.  Ran big business out of the state making it the 45th friendliest to do business with and the 3rd highest taxed state in the Country.
It seems the Tax Credit would work if he would cut the taxes he forced on the Citizens of Maryland and lowered the Corporate Tax Burden to lure business’s back to Maryland.
It’s time for change, someone who understands economics without the highest tax increases in Maryland History.
His support of Illegal Alien’s in our communities that cost Maryland Tax Payers 1.4 billion a year in Social Services, Incarceration, Education, etc.  See Paulette Faulkner Lawsuit where 52,000 Illegal Aliens were given Social Services.
7.5 percent unemployment is misleading the Voters of Maryland, it is more closer to 14 percent of the nationwide underemployment and unemployment rates.
Relys on Obama to bail out Unemployment Insurance because he chased away big business in Maryland.
Relying on Healthcare Bill to pass at the Fed Level to offset close to 400 million in the Budget Shortfall.
Has drained the Rainy Day fund.  Continous to fight with the State Comptroller, who actually understands Economics.
Tom Russell sends out emails to State Workers requesting donations right up to Midnight for OMalleys Campaign.
Millionaires tax increase that my Senator, OMalleys buddy Don Munson voted for as well as over 1 million dollars to Casa De Maryland.  Does not allow the press in on meetings with the Hispanic Committee meetings.
No Transparency, hidden agendas, back door deals, and the Arm Twisting Tactics of Mike Miller and his Co Horts. And we know about those meetings.
Oh, lets not forget this, Was against Slots, but as soon as he became Governor, was in favor of them. 
Has turned his back on Committee Groups when he was Mayor of Baltimore.  Someone once said, they never did get a favor they were supposed to get once he was elected Mayor.  Some sort of a check towards a foundation, a grant or fund, something along those lines.
Froze instate tuition, when the Majority of Marylander’s go out of state to college on Scholarships and its easier to get into those schools then in Maryland.
Cigarette Tax Increase, forcing Marylander’s to purchase their goods out of state.  Sales Tax Increase.
Raises to his staff members, Largest Staff in the Country, second to Obama.  Enormous Raises to the PSC on the heels of the recession.
Refuses to shut down programs that are failing in Maryland, closing out Vacant Correctional Facility Positions.
State paid for Video Gaming systems to Correctional Facilities, Flat Screen TV’s. 
Yes, I would say it is time for change, it looks like the luck of the Irish is about to be voted out after one term.  Praise the Blarney Stone.
First Generation Marylander, direct descendent of Cecil Calvert.
Watchdog for the Citizens of Legal Marylander’ and Legal Immigrants.

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