There will be Breaking News out of Annapolis this week!! – Delegate makes Salacious remarks with Malicious Intent.

Stay tuned as I will update you on the proceedings.  I have filed an ethics complaint against one of the Democratic Delegates for Innappropriate use of State Authorized Equipment and an out and out attack of Slander on me from this Delegate.  It was reviewed and scheduled on the Ethics Committee to be heard and reviewed for this past Friday, however, due to the weather, it was rescheduled for this week.  I will tell you the Delegate is from Washington County and someone sitting on the Board of Ethics needs to recuse himself from intervening in the procedure due to conflict of interest and being in the same County. 

More to come as the story unfolds.  I have been in touch with one person in the media on this and they have exclusivity on it, but this kind of stuff needs to stop.  The Delegates work for you, they are not allowed to attack you in a malicious and slanderous manner. 

Once the case has been removed and a decision reached by the Ethics Committee, I will be putting the Emails on my Blog for all to see how you, me and we are treated by those we empower to make decisions on behalf of the Legal Citizens of our State.


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