Penalties Irk Bisciotti Baltimore Ravens Blogs – Governor O’Malley and How Maryland Politics Correspond

Penalties Irk Bisciotti Baltimore Ravens Blogs – Governor O’Malley and How Maryland Politics Correspond

Penalties Irk Bisciotti « Baltimore Ravens Blogs

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I am going to start mixing up my Blog somewhat to alleviate some of the stresses of Politics, but, when the Owner of the Ravens speak of Penalties, I can only relate this to the State of Maryland, Personal Fouls, Pass Interference and Holding.

Let me explain.

Personal Fouls:  The Failure of our Leaders to understand what the people want and need to function in our recessive economy.  While they have continued to spend over the last 3 years under Governor Martin OWEMalley, we have had to deal with the worst economic downfall in Maryland in over 30 years.  Why is this a personal foul, it’s a personal foul because Martin OWEMalley made promises to the voters of Maryland when Campaigning against then Governor Robert Ehrlich, then back peddled on everything he stood for at the time.

-BGE = I will not allow the BGE Rate Hike to go through.  Well he had no choice, deregulation was coming to an end and we had to raise rates to their norm due to inflation.  You can not hold down Energy Costs, but I guess Marylander’s fell for that one too.

-Slots = Lied to the people of Maryland, “I will not fund education through Slots, as this will Morally Bankrupt Maryland” This said while he was then Mayor of Balitmore City.  Once he became Governor, his tune changed of course, and said we need this for Revenues, Transportation and guess what, Education Costs.

Pass Interference:

EDF Merger Deal = Stated he would not get involved with the ongoing negotiations with EDF and Constellation for a 3rd reactor at Calvert Cliffs, again, he got involved, then held Constellation Energy Hostage, demanding a 1 time credit to BGE Consumers, which came out to 100 dollars per household.

Public Service Commission = Fired Ehrlich’s people, brought in his own, and gave them enormous pay increases on the heals of the current recession.

Holding = Calls Special Session to offset the Structural deficit after draining the Rainy Day fund that Governor Ehrlich had left behind to offset his budget the first year in office.

Tax Increases = 20 percent sales tax increase, 1 dollar increase on the cigarette tax in Maryland, adding on to the already 1 dollar in place.  Raised the Corporate Tax Rate to 8.5 percent, holding them hostage to help offset his budget in which he grew 30 percent in his first year as Governor.  So what happened, business’s left.  The Millionaires Tax Increase.  What happens to some just over the line Millionaires during a recession?  They move to more friendlier tax states, such as Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, etc.

See, Comptroller Peter Franchot came to OWEMALLEY and said, please, just wait a couple months for me to get the numbers together, you do not need to call a special session.  This special session also cost Maryland Tax payers 100,000 dollars a day to have.

Maryland took in, in revenues last year around 12.3 billion, this years operating budget is 13.8 billion, which is increase, not a decrease.  Projected revenues continue to fall as Marylander’s cross the lines to purchase their goods, smokes and gamble.

Only 3 of the 5 licenses in Maryland have been sold for Slots.  Rocky Gap is nowhere to put slots, but do they listen?  No, of course not.

Let’s also talk about how OWEMalley loves his Illegal Aliens in Maryland, he meets regularly with the Hispanic Commission and also assisted in allowing illegal aliens to keep their driver’s licenses for 6 more years before having to prove they are here legally.

Now, the Governor is running in fear of loosing his seat, 46 percent approval rating.  60 percent say they would not vote for him again, waits on Obama to bail him out on this years budget, he needs 393 million, plus he just begged the Feds to give him almost 300 Million to help with the Unemployment Insurance in Maryland because of our Unemployment Rate, which is 7.5 percent, but that is misleading.  Why is it misleading you ask?  That is because Maryland is fortunate enough to have Federal Jobs and Buildings on the outskirts of DC.  If those jobs were not there, Maryland is looking at 11 percent Unemployed and Underemployment rates of close to 17 percent.  So don’t let the lies fool you.

OWEMalley recently talked about all the new jobs created around the Inner Harbor area, well those jobs are slated for the Union Workers, so truly, those are not job creations for the average Joe as he likes to think.

He continues to furlough State Workers to offset his deficits, closed Correctional Job Vacancies, approximately 280 jobs lost.

While he states we created almost 37,000 jobs last year, Maryland lost almost 36,ooo thousand jobs, so basically a net gain of 1,000 jobs for a State Population over 5 million people.

Governor OWEMalley also has the Largest Governor Staff and Cabinet in the Country, why has he not cut position in his own administration?  I don’t know why, but I am sure the voters would like to know why.

Why did the Governors Staff Members receive pay increases while the State Highway Administration and State Workers as a whole have not had a step increase in over 2 years now, but OWEMalley and his merry men continue to profit on the Tax Payers in Maryland.

The Average State Employee earns around 40k a year, every time he furloughs them, he hurts the Families, and these are not rich families, these are hard working, blue collar, middle class families.  He always manages to hit Marylanders, specifically the Middle Class the hardest.

Why has he froze In State Tuition costs for the University of Maryland School System, yet, the average Joe can only afford Community Colleges, whose tuition costs have risen drastically to offset the State System tuition freeze.  First off, most kids who graduate high school in Maryland leave the state to go to college, even with the tuition freeze, its still less expensive and easier to get a scholarship to schools outside of Maryland.  You can try to figure that one out.

I can go on and on and on, but as the election process draws nearer, we will begin to see the Failures of the current Governor in the light of day, no more darkness and deals surrounding the current administration, and this time, Maryland can only hope for a Scott Brown to replace the only Governor to raise taxes at the historical rate that he did, in fact, his tax increases have been the largest in the History of the State of Maryland.

His short comings will be in full view this time, you can’t blame it on Bush, you can’t blame it on the economy, because you could have taken measures to cut spending, pass legislation to remove some of the mandates in the budget.  You refused, you let your ego get in the way, and by doing so, you have become Maryland’s biggest failure of All Time as Governor, and we thought Parris Glendenning was bad.  You have far and away surpassed that Mr. Governor.

Do Maryland a favor, continue to play in your band and plan on taking a long vacation after the election this year.


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