E-Verify about to pass State Wide in Indiana and my Email to our State Legislation

E-Verify about to pass State Wide in Indiana and my Email to our State Legislation.

The Indiana Senate overwhelmingly passed Sen. Mike Delph’s E-Verify bill by a 46-to-4 margin. The bill now moves to the House for its approval.

If passed in the House, the bill would require state agencies and contractors to verify worker eligibility of all new hires using E-Verify. According to DHS data, 96.9% of U.S. citizens and legal residents receive immediate confirmation. Of the remaining 3.1%, 0.3% eventually receive a confirmation, and the remaining 2.8% are ineligible to work.

Currently, 10 states have passed E-Verify mandates, and another three states have executive orders in place requiring its usage. (View a map of these states.)

For more information, see BusinessWeek.com.


Although, we are getting this done at the County Level without the Liberal Assembly, it would be nice for you to do the right thing and get it passed state wide, that way, we won’t have to keep bothering you about it.  We will continue our campaign to get this in place in Maryland.  We are taking our state back, piece by piece.  You all do know what Undocumented Means, correct?  It means you are here Illegally.  That my fellow Marylanders is called, breaking the law.


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