Senate Minority Leader Allan Kittleman responds to Governor O’Malleys State of the State Address

I had hoped that Governor O’Malley’s State of the State address would
offer concrete plans to create jobs and reduce government spending.  But his
speech leaves me with only one conclusion: Our Governor is out of touch…
out of ideas….and out of money.

On the O’Malley Budget Deficit

In 2007, the outgoing Republican governor handed Governor O’Malley a one
billion dollar surplus to prepare the state for tough economic times.
Sadly, Governor O’Malley ignored warnings of a coming recession and spent
that money on a raft of new government programs. The next Governor will have
to reconcile over eight billion dollars in deficits caused by Governor
O’Malley’s inaction in resolving Maryland’s budget crisis.

On O’Malley’s Budget Management

Governor O’Malley’s four years of budget management are marked by more
government spending and more debt which will be saddled on you and future
generations of Marylanders.

On Maryland’s Business Climate and Job Creation in Maryland

A $3000 tax credit for new job creation does not reverse the past 3 years of
anti-business leadership by Governor O’Malley. Businesses can’t hire new
employees when they don’t have work – and Maryland’s business climate
has dropped from 24th to 45th in the last 3 years.

On the Rejection of Republican Deficit Reduction Plans

Governor O’Malley and Democrat leaders in Annapolis have rejected
commonsense reforms offered by Republicans lawmakers to solve the deficit
and encourage job growth.  If the Senate Republicans’ plan, known as the
“Stoltzfus Amendment,” had passed in 2007, the State’s deficit would be
a fraction of what it is today, and you’d be keeping more of your own money
to save for your future. Our Republican colleagues in the House of Delegates
also offered budget amendments to reduce state spending, but time and time
again they were rejected by purely partisan roll call votes by the Democrat

On the Priorities of the 2010 Legislative Session

must approach every policy decision with two questions: (1) Will it
strengthen Maryland’s economic security? and (2) Will it lessen the
financial burden on our citizens? It is critical that the General Assembly
pass long-term mandate reform to stop the automatic increases that spur
government spending. New programs initiated over the past three years by
Governor O’Malley also need to be curtailed.

On A Plan For Maryland’s Future for Business Expansion and Job Growth

This year’s budget must position the state so that in subsequent years,
our state’s leaders can focus on restoring a healthy business climate to
boost the growth of private sector businesses and jobs. This Program for the
Future of Maryland must include:

·         Repealing Governor O’Malley’s 20% increase in the sales tax to
relieve consumers and small businesses and spur private sector spending in

·         Rolling back the additional $1 billion in tax increases on
personal incomes and small businesses that are hindering job growth.

·         Removing government barriers and new regulations that prevent
local businesses from investing in jobs and technology.


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