More Lies from the Left and O’Malley = No new proposals from O’Malley

No new proposals from O’Malley


ANNAPOLIS — Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley highlighted his job creation proposals Tuesday to counteract the recession and cautioned that the “storm is not over,” but Republicans said his address sounded more like a re-election ad than a State of the State speech.

O’Malley avoided making any new proposals during his fourth annual address to a joint session of the Maryland General Assembly. Instead, the governor said the cornerstone of his legislative agenda this year will be jobs legislation that he already has outlined.

“Although fourth quarter economic growth has been the strongest our country has seen in six years, the storm is not over,” O’Malley said in a speech about 27 minutes long. “Wall Street has been stabilized, but Main Street still suffers.”

Democrats said they were optimistic O’Malley’s proposals would be approved without much change by the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

“I think he laid out a vision for the future that makes sense fiscally and socially … but we have more to do, obviously,” said House Majority Leader Kumar Barve, D-Montgomery.

He said Maryland residents could be proud of the state’s Triple A bond rating and a top ranking for Maryland public schools in an education trade journal.

Republicans, however, said the speech lacked substance.

“He wasn’t credible the whole way through,” said Del. Anthony O’Donnell, R-Calvert and St. Mary’s, the House minority leader. “It’s about: ‘I’m a good guy, re-elect me,’ but, you know, where’s the substance?”

But House Speaker Michael Busch, D-Anne Arundel, said Republicans haven’t offered better suggestions, and no one has been complaining about the top-schools ranking. He also noted that the state’s unemployment rate is almost 3 percentage points below the national average.

Let me add my take, 7.5 percent unemployment is only due in part because of our location to Washington and the Federal Jobs in Maryland, without those Jobs, Maryland would be closer to 11 percent unemployed.

He is not cutting, Maryland’s budget over 13 billion, which is more than the 12 billion it raked in last year, thats not cutting, thats still spending.

Job creations, those jobs will go to Union Workers, not the everyday average Joe.  I wish he would stop with his lies and rhetoric and just get over himself.  Governor O’Malley can not stand the fact that he increased Maryland taxes the highest the state has ever seen, all while furloughing state workers, closing out vacant Correctional Facilities Jobs to our over crowded jail system, but the inmates still get to play playstations at the ECI.  Please, just go away so Maryland can recover without you.


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