Looking for a compromise on unemployment tax rates O’Malley looks to stimulus to adjust unemployment taxes; business leaders are wary

Gov. Martin O’Malley has said he wants to help businesses by tapping federal stimulus money to lower their unemployment tax rates. But first he has to face down the toughest opponents of his plan: businesses.

The emerging battle has lawmakers scrambling for a compromise before employers face massive payment increases to the state’s unemployment benefits fund in about a month. It also puts the Democratic governor in the awkward position of pushing an immediate antidote that business leaders have decided is poisonous because it imposes long-term costs.

“The governor is very well-intentioned on this, and I think his ideas are good and make a lot of sense,” said Sen. Thomas M. Middleton, a Democrat who heads the Senate Finance Committee. “But we don’t know what’s best for businesses. They do. And they really don’t want this.”


The Leprechaun is praying hard for that Federal Stimulus and Health Care package to bail Marylander’s out, unfortunately, had he had the forethought to look into the future of Maryland and not have has huge budgets and tax increases, we might not have been at this point.  But then again, look who we have for Governor, a failure to all of Maryland.


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