Decide for yourself about O’Malleys State of the State. More Rhetoric, More Avoidance, no solutions

Earlier today in Annapolis, I addressed the Maryland General Assembly on the State of the State – our administration’s yearly assessment of where we are, where we want to be, and how we’ll get there.

As we work to emerge from this global economic recession, the state of our state is stronger than most.

That’s no accident. It’s the result of difficult decisions we’ve made together to maintain fiscal responsibility – difficult decisions, and the right ones.

Balancing Maryland’s budget each year has required sacrifices, but they’ve paid off. We’re one of only seven states in America that retain a Triple A Bond Rating, and we’re beating all but a handful of other states on job growth.

That’s where we are.

But I don’t have to tell you that we’ve got much more work ahead of us to ensure every Marylander who needs a job can get one; all homeowners feel confident they will not fall victim to foreclosure; and no one has to doubt that their children have the opportunity to live the American dream.

That’s where we want to be.

Here’s how we’ll get there. In today’s State of the State address, I proposed an aggressive plan that focuses on three goals: jobs… jobs… and jobs.

To do it, we’ll rely on a natural resource that’s never failed us before: the work ethic and ingenuity of our Maryland citizens.

Because small businesses are a key engine of innovation and growth – creating two out of every three jobs in our state – we’ll work to double our small business loan guaranty program and ensure they have the capital they need to hire and retain workers.

We’ll create new opportunities for workers in our state’s innovation economy – life sciences, bio tech and cyber security – by leveraging the enormous job-creating potential of more than 50 federal facilities in Maryland.

We’ll continue to strengthen our infrastructure, creating thousands of construction jobs.

And we’ll do much more – on jobs, education, and public safety – by working together as One Maryland to bring our state forward.

For the full details of our roadmap for the next year, I encourage you to read the full text of my State of the State address:

Thanks for all you’ve done to make Maryland great, and for being a part of our campaign for a more prosperous future.

Gov. Martin O’Malley


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