O’Malley Blocks Conservative Media From State House – Maryland Senate Republican Caucus

Governor O’Malley took office three years ago pledging to the citizens of
Maryland that he would run the most transparent administration in Maryland’s

However, as O’Malley’s poll numbers have dropped over the past year, the
Governor’s press office has excluded media and citizens from press
conferences in the Governor’s Reception Room. They have also established new
barriers for obtaining press credentials for the State House press corps.

Reporter Hassan Giordano of the Baltimore Independent Examiner describes his
frustration with the Governor’s interference of an open and transparent
government in Maryland and, specifically, the lack of access to the Governor
unless you are one of the few favored media representatives known to write
or produce pro-Administration pieces:

“While certain members of the Press, including myself, have been stalled and
consistently delayed our press credentials, due to some new process the
O’Malley administration has put in place, many are questioning why now? As
if not already known as the liberal oppressor of all things conservative,
Governor O’Malley is now playing games with certain reporter’s credentials,
who are too closely tied to conservative publications.”

Yes, the administration has stooped to new lows in attempting to control the
media coverage of Governor O’Malley and restrict what citizens get to learn
about their state government.

For links to the Baltimore Independent Examiner article, visit our website


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