Delegate and Senate Candidate Christopher B. Shank reintroduces Justice’s Law for 3rd time

We have got to pressure the Judiciary Committee and Joe Vallario.  How in the world, can this logical and simple piece of legislation continue not to make it to the floor?  Back door deals most likely from Vallario and Crew.

How can someone not want the person, convicted fully, of Infant Murder not be allowed to spend the rest of their lives in Jail?  It’s a no brainer.  It’s the democrapic way.  Any good piece of legislation that the GOP brings forth, apparently always gets shot down by the Dems.  Not credit for the GOP, god help us.

This is Delegate Shank’s 3rd time, and even after family testimony on pushing this bill, it continues to get shot down.  This is a disgrace that must be met head on.

Not only are the Dems against the Death Penalty, they would rather you suffer and allow the murderer to get back on the streets.


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  1. Posted by Jim Woods on February 1, 2010 at 6:43 PM

    Crimes against our children are an abomination and the stiffest penalties possible should apply.


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