Email from Ellen Sauerbrey – Is That What Barack Obama Is Essentially Telling Us?

Ellen Sauerbrey

“I Will Protect the ‘Constitutional Rights’ of Foreign Terrorists At All Costs… Even If, By Doing So, I Put the Lives of Innocent Americans in Jeopardy.”

Is That What Barack Obama Is Essentially Telling Us?

Do you believe foreign terrorists, with known ties to al Qaeda, have the right to remain silent? Do they have the right to an attorney paid for by your hard-earned tax dollars? Do they have a right to a trial by jury of “their peers” in a U.S. civilian court?In other words, do foreign terrorists, who wish to destroy our freedoms by killing innocent Americans, have the same rights as U.S. citizens? Common sense suggests the answer to those questions is a resounding “No!”

Yet, President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder believe otherwise. As our brave men and women in uniform are fighting the terrorists, our Commander-in-Chief and his Justice Department are treating the terrorists with kid gloves — affording them the same constitutional rights as America citizens.

Enough is enough. It is time to send our own message to Barack Obama and other elected leaders in Washington.  Simply put… we’re going to force Barack Obama (just as he tried to force his “health care” scheme down the throats of the American people) to take the safety, security and the welfare of the American people seriously.

Let me state that again, just so there is no misunderstanding. We’re not going to go beg and plead to President Obama. We’re going to make him bend to the will of the American people for a change.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

Congressman Vern Buchanan just introduced H.R. 4463, the “Military Tribunals for Terrorists Act of 2010” … a simple piece of legislation which specifically says, “that all foreign terrorists with links to terrorist networks who attack the United States or its Government be considered enemy combatants to be tried by military tribunals instead of civilian courts.”

With your help, we’re going to bombard our elected officials with Blast Faxes demanding that they rush H.R. 4463 through both Houses of Congress and slap it on Barack Obama’s desk without further delay.

And, when we do, we’re going to make it perfectly clear that there can be no middle ground or half-measures on H.R. 4463. We’re going to make it perfectly clear to our elected officials that they either stand with the American people, and fast-track this legislation through Congress, or they stand with the enemies of America.

After all, if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi can burn the midnight oil to ram so-called “health care” legislation down the throats of the American people, then our elected officials can most certainly do the same for legislation that is vital to the national security of the United States of America.

Foreign al Qaeda Terrorists Do Not Have the Right to Remain Silent.

I’m sure that you were seething with rage when you heard about how Obama’s Justice Department handled Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the now-infamous Christmas Day bomber.

After Abdulmutallab botched his attempt to murder close to 300 innocent people in cold blood, authorities took him into custody. According to The Wall Street Journal, Abdulmutallab “spoke openly and admitted he was from al Qaeda in Yemen.”Agents from the FBI’s Detroit bureau arrived on the scene soon thereafter, but they were only able to interrogate Abdulmutallab for a mere 50 minutes. They had to stop because doctors were treating Abdulmutallab’s self-inflicted injuries.

But the agents never returned to finish the interrogation. According to The Wall Street Journal; “the FBI in Washington said it wanted a new interrogation team to do a second interview.” And once the “new interrogation team” arrived, they read Abdulmutallab his Miranda Rights, and he immediately clammed up.

What’s going on here? Who gave the order to send in a “new interrogation team?” Who gave the order to read this cold-blooded terrorist (who may have vital knowledge of more plans to kill innocent Americans in the immediate future) a Miranda warning and thereby assure his silence? And who gave the order to give him a criminal defense attorney (courtesy of hard-working American taxpayers)?

The Wall Street Journal said it even better:

“This talky terrorist should have been questioned for 50 hours, not 50 minutes. He should have been interrogated by agents who know enough about the current state of al Qaeda to know what to ask, what names or locations to listen for, and what answers to follow up. The urgent matter is deterring future plots, not getting Abdulmutallab behind bars.”

As for President Obama, he has no excuse.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that giving a foreign terrorist Constitutional rights (to which he is not entitled) and a slick criminal defense attorney (on the taxpayers’ dime), will place the lives of innocent Americans at risk.

And, Abdulmutallab certainly doesn’t have any right to a civilian trial in a U.S. civilian court — a stage for him and other terrorists who spew their America-hating rhetoric.

That’s why we need to flood our elected officials with demands that they pass H.R. 4463 and slap it on Barack Obama’s desk… right now… without further delay.

Perhaps Obama’s Motto Should Be: I Call The Shots And Let Others Take The Blame.

Obama’s White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, actually succeeded in accomplishing the impossible. He added insult to injury.

Did you see Gibbs’ interview with Chris Wallace on FOX News? Toward the end of the interview, Wallace posed the following question to Gibbs:

“Wallace: Our top intelligence and homeland security officials told Congress this week that none of them were consulted beforehand on the decision to charge the Christmas Day bomber, Abdulmutallab, as a criminal defendant. And we’ve now learned that he was read his Miranda rights on the day he was arrested, on Christmas Day, after just 50 minutes of interrogation. You said this week that it was Attorney General Holder who made that decision. Was the president informed before or after the decision was implemented?”

After some crosstalk, Gibbs was finally able to give a coherent (but incredulous) answer:

“Gibbs: That decision was made by the Justice Department and the FBI, with experienced FBI interrogators. But understand this, Chris. Make no mistake. Abdulmutallab was interrogated and valuable intelligence was gotten as a result of that interrogation.”

Wallace pressed the point, in the form of one last question:

“Wallace: And let me just press one last question. You really don’t think that if you’d interrogated him longer that you might have gotten more information, since we now know that Al Qaida in Yemen….”

“Gibbs: FBI — well, FBI interrogators believe they got valuable intelligence and were able to get all that they could out of him.”

“Wallace: All they could.”

“Gibbs: Yeah.”

He actually said, “Yeah.” Gibbs’ attitude is so typical of an Administration that perpetually exhibits callousness and negligence when it comes to the safety and welfare of the American people.

But here’s the point. How, in the name of all that is sacred, can Gibbs say, with a straight face, that they got all the relevant information possible from a 50-minute interrogation of a drugged and injured man… a man who, in the space of hours, had already lied to authorities at least once when he claimed that there was another bomb on the plane?

And look again at Gibbs’ statement about the FBI agents: “FBI interrogators believe they got valuable intelligence and were able to get all that they could out of him.”

Translation: The order to read Abdulmutallab a Miranda warning came from the top, but if and when it comes to light that we made a grave mistake, we’re gonna blame the FBI guys.

The American people cannot sit idly by and allow Barack Obama to treat foreign terrorists, who are at war with the United States, no worse than common thieves.

We need H.R. 4463 passed by both Houses of Congress. We need it to happen now.

Abdulmutallab: Not An Isolated Incident

Make no mistake; the kid-glove treatment of Abdulmutallab is not an isolated incident. It is Obama Adminstration policy.

So says The Wall Street Journal:

“Ultimately, the national security bureaucracies take their signals from the top. In August Mr. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder made it clear that their war on terror would be fought inside the framework of Miranda and the civilian justice system.”

And yes… let us not forget that all of us will foot the bill for Abdulmutallab’s defense. And incidentally… he’s not the only one.

According to an article published by The Washington Examiner:

“[New York] Mayor Michael Bloomberg put the cost at 216 million for the first year after Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other suspects arrive in Manhattan from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After that, the mayor said it would cost 200 million annually for as long as the men are detained in the city.”

(Let us also not forget that when he was apprehended, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed immediately and specifically requested a lawyer and a trial in New York City. Isn’t it reassuring to know that you’ll be footing the bill to give the mastermind of 9-11 exactly what he wanted?)

But wait… that’s not all. Barack Obama is doubling-down.

According to the Associated Press:

“The Obama administration is considering a criminal trial in Washington for [Riduan Isamuddin, Osama bin Laden’s point man in Indonesia], the Guantanamo Bay detainee suspected of masterminding the bombing of a Bali nightclub that killed 202 people, a plan that would bring one of the world’s most notorious terrorism suspects just steps from the U.S. Capitol….”

And the same Associated Press article quotes U.S. officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, as saying that the Obama Administration is planning even more trials in Washington D.C. and New York.

When will this madness end?

It will end when we make it end… and we can make it end right now, if you take immediate action and flood these elected officials with so many faxes that they’ll need shovels to dig a patch to their office doors.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent and personalized Blast Faxes to each and every member of the Republican and Democratic Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternately, you can send over 530 urgent, personalized faxes to all the members of the House and the Senate.Let them know in no uncertain terms that the Obama Administration’s handling of foreign terrorists presents a clear and present danger to Americans at home and abroad. Tell them that if they can burn the midnight oil to try and ram so-called “health care” legislation down the throats of the American people, they can most certainly do the same for legislation that is vital to the security of our nation and its people.

Demand that they pass H.R. 4463 into law without delay.

If button above does not work, please use this hyperlink.

Incompetence… Or Just Plain Arrogance?

Whether President Obama’s actions, and the actions of those around him, are the result of gross incompetence… or just plain arrogance… one thing is certain. Americans are now demanding real change.

No more taxpayer-funded bailouts. No more failed stimulus schemes. No more efforts to socialize our nation’s health care system…

And, certainly no more granting constitutional rights to foreign terrorists.

No matter what you may be told; there is no compelling reason for Barack Obama to treat foreign terrorists like common criminals… civilian trials for terrorists are not required by any law. In fact, this arbitrary decision contradicts over 200 years of American jurisprudence. From the time of the Revolutionary War through World War II, we have tried enemy combatants in military courts.No matter what you may be told, treating foreign terrorists like common domestic criminals does not make us look noble… it makes us look weak to this enemy… it emboldens this enemy… it aids the recruitment efforts of this enemy… and it sends a clear signal to this enemy that we have reverted to a pre 9-11 mentality and that the United States is ripe for the picking. In short, such behavior actually places us in greater danger.

And, no matter what you may be told, civilian trials for foreign terrorists may not only make it possible for some slick defense attorney to get an acquittal for a terrorist on some technicality, civilian trials may also open the door for some of our intelligence gathering techniques to be disclosed openly to our enemies (There’s nothing like telling those who are trying to kill you exactly how you’re keeping tabs on them).

David Beamer, the father of Todd Beamer, who perished on United Flight 93 while trying to re-take the plane from terrorists on 9-11, said of the decision to bring Khalid Sheik Mohammed to New York:

“Our enemies must be thrilled. We are willingly handing them an opportunity to inflict economic harm on New York City, keep their cause in the headlines, gather new intelligence, create new terror strategies, stimulate recruiting, celebrate new found rights, and foist a fresh round of pain and suffering upon their victims.”

Mr. Beamer is right. That’s why we need to flood our elected officials with demands that they pass H.R. 4463 and slap it on Barack Obama’s desk for his signature without any further delay.

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