Washington County Republican Club Guest Speaker – Charles Lollar for US Congress District 5 v Steny Hoyer

Charles Lollar for US Congress - District 5

Tonight, we had the honor and privilage of having Charles Lollar, Candidate for District 5, US Congressional Seat running against, we all hope, Steny Hoyer.  Let us hope that no one else jumps into the fray against Mr. Lollar, as clearly, he has a fresh voice for all of Maryland, not just the 5th District.  Mr. Lollar carries himself as a very Christian Orientated, Family Man, who chooses to empower the people to get up and get moving.  He is a fantastic motivational speaker, and it was great to finally hear him speak in person and not at a Tea Party, or through our Internet Connections.

Truly a Patriot and shaker for the party, a breathe of fresh air.  Something desperately needed in the 5th District.  It is time for Old Steny to sit back in a chair, rock away, and enjoy the Eastern Shores of Maryland.  Steny has clearly lost his direction in representing the 5th district.  He is all about himself and healthcare, not a care in the world for his district any longer.

He has lost his base and he has lost his beliefs.  No longer is Steny a man of his word, but a man who seems to be falling into the traps of Socialism, a man who once, actually represented his district, but no longer.  He has become ancient, a man with no direction, a man sunk by the corruption in Washington DC.

There is only one man who can restore the path and belief in his district, Charles Lollar.  A man of high integrity, a serviceman who has served his country proudly.  A man who has a direction, a path, and leadership skills to take his district into the next dimension of the Political Realm.

Washington got Scott Brown as it’s wakeup call, now Maryland needs to get one as well, remove Steny Hoyer, a man of tyranny from his post and bring in the new, with New Ideas, Fresh Ideas, and True Conservative Values to empower the people of his district.  We wish Charles well on his journey, and let us hope, should he win the election, that he never becomes the failing congressman that Steny Hoyer turned out to be.  A Benedict Arnold.


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  1. Posted by Robert Larsen on January 30, 2010 at 4:18 PM

    I couldn’t agree more. Charles has the business and leadership experience we need with strong conservative values. But he won’t get elected if we sit around and hope for it. Get busy and help Charles send Hoyer into retirement. We need Charles in Washington. Visit his website and Facebook. Volunteer to help and send him some money. Campaigns aren’t cheap and Hoyer has several millions “war chested”.


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