Sorry To See You Go Ryan Miner, Ex Campaign Manager for Senator Donald Munson Resigns

He once told me that I would not matter in this campaign, but it appears, the rigors of the campaign was a little much for Ryan and he could not escape his past.  Always remember, when your in the Public Eye, you will be scrutinized for your indiscretions.  He once told me that he had hoped I worked on Chris Shanks Campaign, as it would make it easier for Senator Don “The Liberal” Munson, that I mattered only .032 percent.  Well, I am still here, and Ryan is not.  Best Wishes to you Ryan.  It was fun while it lasted.  And for Don “The Liberal”, I don’t have any words for you, your voting record concedes the fact that you have become a Democrat in a Republican Disguise.  Washington County will wake up and know that, there really is only one choice for Conservatism, and that is future Senator Christopher B. Shank of Washington County.

You never did give me the battle you promised during the campaign.  Best wishes in your future endeavors.  And remember, once you send it, everyone see’s it.  I was kinda hoping you would have lasted more then 3 weeks. I guess our current Senator didn’t know who he was hiring at the time, during a very crucial election year, one would think that Munson, would have been more prudent, but again, his ability to not know exactly what he was doing, or voting for, his words, show his incapacity to lead Washington County into the future.


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