FOR IMMIEDIATE RELEASE – From the Maryland GOP – Statement from Chair Audrey Scott


Contact: Kim Jorns

(410) 263-2125

Statement from Maryland Republican Party Chairman Audrey Scott

Regarding Governor Martin O’Malley’s Pledge of “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”

“Over the past three years the O’Malley Administration has implemented policies that have killed jobs in Maryland. Rather than working to improve and grow the economy in Maryland, Governor O’Malley and the Democrat leadership in the General Assembly have pursued measures that have made Maryland hostile to business and alienated those who create economic opportunity.”

“Now, in an election year amid the highest unemployment in decades, the Governor is claiming to be all about ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.’ The people of Maryland can see through this pandering. They deserve better and in November the voters will have the opportunity to elect fiscally responsible leaders who will put Maryland back on track.”

“Trying to overcome sagging poll numbers and a drove of broken promises Governor Martin O’Malley is attempting to reinvent himself as the jobs governor to get through the election year.  He seems to believe that if he keeps chanting “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” the voters of Maryland will forget that under his leadership Maryland has become one of the most hostile environments in the nation to do business.”

2007 –  Implemented the Largest Tax Hike in Maryland’s History:  On the eve of an economic recession Governor O’Malley and the Democrat leadership in the General Assembly pushed through $1.3 billion in tax increases.   Basic economics tells you when people are sending more money to government they are spending less supporting the local economy and creating jobs.  Since his very first year in office Governor O’Malley has been killing jobs in Maryland.

2008 –  High Earners Income Tax: In an effort to support his reckless spending habits Governor O’Malley implemented a higher personal income tax rate on individuals and small businesses who work hard and succeed.  Just a year later, nearly one-third of the Maryland’s high income earners had relocated out of state. The exodus of these successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople has resulted in at least $100 million in lost revenue for the State. The lost revenue is only part of the problem – Maryland’s long-term economic recovery will be weakened because Governor O’Malley declared war on those who create economic opportunity.

2009-2010 Chronic Dependence on Federal Bailouts:   Rather than work towards any meaningful long-term spending reductions, Governor O’Malley has instead chosen to paper over Maryland’s fiscal crisis with taxpayer money from the federal government.  In his 2009 State of the State speech Governor O’Malley made it clear that Maryland’s future directly depended on the patronage of President Obama.  The Governor has gone so far as to publically beg for additional federal assistance at Board of Public Works meetings.  The spending plan he introduced last week includes another $389 million of federal taxpayer money.  Even the Baltimore Sun has realized that this ongoing dependence on federal bailouts rather than sound fiscal management will only serve to grow deficits in the future.


Authority: Maryland Republican Party, R. Christopher Rosenthal, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.


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