New Study Reveals, amongst his Conservative Party Members the Senate, Don “The Liberal” Rated 13th out of 14 Republican Senators

Senator Don Munson, Least Conservative Repub in State Senate

If you REALLY want proof… See More…I have done the monologue Accountability Project for two years (covering each session since 2007) and I grade the General Assembly on a much larger number of votes – usually 20 to 30 per regular session.

Delegate Shank had a rating of 78.02 in 2009 (12th among Delegates) and for this term overall his rating is 83.98 (5th overall among Delegates).

Conversely, Senator Munson had a 54.78 rating in 2009 (14th among Senators) and 56.87 for the term (13th among Senators). Remember, there are only 14 GOP Senators and they naturally occupy the top 14 spots since I rate from a conservative/libertarian limited government, pro-freedom, fiscally sound viewpoint.


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