What Can Brown Do for Maryland? – Ron Miller for State Senator

What Can Brown Do for Maryland?

I awakened this morning with a renewed sense of hope and purpose, thanks to the voters of Massachusetts.

A few weeks ago, few of us had heard of Scott Brown; now he carries with him to Washington the aspirations of hundreds of millions of people around the country who long for a return to constitutional government and respect for individual liberty.

Congratulations to U.S. Senator-elect Brown for sending a messageto the liberals across this land that if you do not listen to us, you will be sent home in November.

Already there are indications that this message is being heard loud and clear, and foreign phrases like “respect the will of the people” are being uttered by statists who to this point didn’t seem capable of speaking that language.

Not everyone is learning from their mistakes, however. Governor Martin O’Malley’s budget, released yesterday, is nothing more than the same old accounting tricks, fund transfers and reliance on federal funds used to get us by in previous years.

Next year, when their jobs are safe for another four years, expect more tax increases because the level of spending projected until 2015 is unsustainable.

It’s clear to me they no longer have fresh ideas or the energy and will to transform Maryland’s fiscal processes. They’ve been there too long and they are too comfortable with the status quo. We cannot afford to keep them there past November 2, 2010.

We know what needs to be done; take a clean sheet and start over, asking the question, “This is a worthy cause, but should government be paying for it?” Transform the tax code to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and keep more money in people’s pockets, trusting them to stimulate the economy through spending, saving, investing, paring down debt, or starting new businesses.

Reform the budget process to demand clearly stated and attainable public objectives, define the measures of success, and regularly monitor performance and outcomes. Terminate programs that do not work. Maintain transparency and accountability throughout the process.

In other words, do what any good businessman would do to remain profitable and satisfy the shareholders, in this case the voters of Maryland.

If a seat previously held for decades by an iconic liberal lion like Ted Kennedy can be captured by a Republican, we can do the same thing in Maryland. We can end the nearly four decade reign of Mike Miller. We now know what’s possible if we work hard and work together. If you’ve been on the fence, it’s now time to jump off!

Would you do two things for me today? If you can spare one McDonald’s lunch meal – $5 – or a week of McDonald’s breakfasts – $25 – please consider making a contribution to our campaign. If you are are good at persuading your family and friends to contribute to your favorite causes, please go here and click on the green “Become a Fundraiser” button. Create your own fundraising site and send out the link to family and friends, encouraging them to contribute as well.

First Virginia, then New Jersey, now Massachusetts. Maryland is next – with your help!




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