Senator Don Munsons Vote For Tax Dollars to Casa De Maryland has to led to this

Casa De Marylands Vision Statement - Regardless of Immigration StatusSubject: Casa De Maryland will find you assistance regardless of your status – It’s right on the front of their Website.

Dear State House Assembly, Attorney General Gansler, Governor, and Voters of Maryland,

Listed on the site below, when you click the link and view the Vision Statement for Casa De Maryland, you will not only be stunned, but appalled.  This crap has got to stop.  We are sick and tired of this going on right out in the open with no consequences.  We are demanding and Immediate Investigation into Casa De Maryland, the Delegate’s who are associated with this Group who have assisted, harbored and abetted Illegal Aliens in Maryland.  If the Attorney General Gansler does not step forward and take action, we will have attorneys set to go on this.  This will no longer be tolerated.  Listed is Casa’s Vision Statement and I quote right from their own home page. You may also see the attached screenshot for your own selves. We are sick and tired of this.  Period.

CASA’s vision is for strong, economically and ethnically diverse communities in which all people – especially women, low-income people, and workers – can participate and benefit fully, regardless of their immigration status.


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