Americans For Propeperity Responds to the Election of Scott Brown – Massachusetts said NO to ObamaCare

Last night, the people of Massachusetts spoke.  In crystal clear fashion, they told President Obama and Congressional Democrats to end this health care takeover now.

The meaning and magnitude of Scott Brown’s historic victory is truly stunning.

Consider Massachusetts.  Before Mr. Brown’s victory last night no Republican Senate candidate in Massachusetts had won since 1972.  The seat he was seeking had been held by Ted Kennedy for almost 50 years and the Kennedy family was on the campaign trail against him.  All 10 congressional districts in Massachusetts are held by Democrats.  In 2008, the congressional Democrat in Massachusetts with the lowest winning percentage was Barney Frank – and he won with 68%!  Just 12% of voters in Massachusetts are registered Republicans.

But, Scott Brown did not win because voters suddenly love the Republican Party.  He won not with a message of “Send more Republicans to Congress.”  Instead, his most salient message was “send me to Washington to be the 41st vote against the health care takeover.”

The Democrats know this as well.  On Sunday when President Obama campaigned with Ms. Coakley, neither of them said one word about health care — the issue on which the President has staked everything.  They know that even in Massachusetts — the liberal bastion of the nation — their health care takeover has been rejected by a majority of the people.

Take a moment and congratulate yourself.  You are making a difference for our nation.

Your tireless work, sacrifice and refusal to give up are paying off.

However, this health care battle is not over.  Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid are already considering trying to jam the health care takeover through before Senator-elect Brown can be seated.  We’ve got to keep the pressure on the Senate and House.

I know we’ve asked you to contact your Senators and member of Congress often.  But right now we have momentum in a big way and we’ve got to use it.  CLICK HERE to call your Senators and member of Congress today to tell them — “Listen to what the people are saying — just last night in Massachusetts.  End this health care takeover NOW.  Move on to addressing jobs and spending and getting our economy moving again.”

Let’s flood the lines to Washington and the district offices today while the election results are still fresh.

Forward this email to your family and friends; put it on your Facebook and Twitter.  Let’s get as many of our fellow Americans as possible to join us in making these calls at this key moment in the health care battle.

Reid, Pelosi and Obama want us to believe their health care takeover is “inevitable.”  You and I know better.

Last night is just more proof.


PS:  Right now, we’ve got a golden opportunity.  Let’s use it.  Call your Senators and your member of Congress and tell them to heed the overwhelming call to start over with health care reform.

Let me know you’ve called your elected leaders by emailing me at


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