Cecil Calvert Hammers Tim Rowland of the Herald Mail Newspaper for Slanted Reporting

Dear Tim,

Before you write a slanted article on a candidate, you better get the facts straight.  Your article is nothing more then Liberal Rhetoric much like Donald The Liberal Munson. You left out some vital votes that I am going to clue you in on, so that you can be a reporter with actual facts before you go to print.


When comparing two candidates, you give the facts of both.  Here are some for you that you have ignored.

Senator Donald The Liberal Munson:
1. Millionaires Tax Increase
2. Voted for Pay Raises to Governor O Malleys Staff Members.
3. Voted for Speed Cameras.
4. Voted to give Casa De Maryland over 1 million tax dollars to benefit Casa De Maryland, which harbors, assists, abets and teaches Illegal Aliens how to evade the Law who their leader, Gustavo Torres receives over 1 million in funding a year from Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
5. Donald Munson is linked to Casa De Maryland through our Tax Dollar funding Vote.  Here are a couple links for you to read on your spare time before you decide to write the piece of slanted Liberal Views you gave.  In giving your views, you proved to the readers of Washington County that Donald Munson is no longer a Conservative and gave up his votes to Mike Miller when Mike Miller needed to have bills passed.  Senator Donald Munson has become a Liberal in his voting record.  He has lost touch with the true Conservative Values and Principles for which the Conservative Party stands for.  Take a long look sir.  There is more to come to this story.  Ryan R. Miner campaign Manager has lied about Don Munson’s association with Casa De Maryland and I am calling him out on it.



This little doozie was paid for by Maryland Tax Dollars that Munson voted for.


I look forward to hearing from you if you have the guts to make the call.


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