Paulette Faulkner Firing by the State and it’s Audit

Paulette Faulkner Audit Click Link

To The Governor, States Assembly and Maryland States Attorney Gansler,

I am writing you in regards to numerous requests I have received on the Firing of Paulette Faulkner.  A totally unjustified firing based on HR remarks and comments regarding Social Services for Illegal Aliens.  She refused to grant this individual Social Services and the HR Director took over the case, provided those services and after special meetings, Ms. Faulkner was fired unjustifiably.

If it is found that the State of Maryland broke law and set precedent, an Impeachment Investigation into Governor Martin O’Malley must begin.  This story has been held quiet for some time, and it is time for this to begin.  The Citizens Request it and demand it.

What’s the Truth Governor?  Are you unable to come out with a statement regarding this case?  Is this a case where the Governor can be impeached for violation of a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?  Is this an impeachable offense worthy of the National Press?

What’s the story, come out from behind your closed door maneuvering and answer to the Citizen’s who are requesting you be held accountable for this decision.

Listed is the email I received and when I asked the individual for animosity, he said, go ahead, use my name.  This is a quote, I did not write this, I am only forwarding this on to you as nothing is being done. This came from a Registered Democrat from District 31.

“Just be sure to add what they did to Paulette Faulkner. That I will run to go after the (edited) for screwing over the American People in the state of MD.

My State Senator stayed silent after this report. He should have stood up for District 31 and the citizens of this state. He failed. If I am elected, I will push to have a investigator a out side audit.
I will also seek to have a amendment to the constitution.
Governors shall only serve one term.

Add what you will, I am one pi**d (edited) of vet. William Thomas Capps

William Thomas Capps
Citizen of the State of Maryland who lives in Glen Burnie. Member of the Democrat Party that resides in the 31 District of Maryland.
Request that the State legislative branch. Investigate the firing of Paulette Faulkner of Social Service. Request impeachment of Governor O’Malley for not following the Laws of the United States and the State of Maryland with regard the law that bans illegals from receiving Social Service Benefits to include.
Food Stamps
Cash assistance


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  1. Posted by William T Capps on January 19, 2010 at 12:48 AM

    Yep you got it right


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