Cecil Calvert Continues to Pressure State House on EVERIFY, 287G, Legal Presence

Dear Governor, State House Assembly and Attorney General Gansler,

Again, I call upon you as a Citizens Request.  As more counties are looking to take on the E-Verify Status, since, the Delegates for Illegal Immigration have held down the State House, I would like to know who is going to sponsor the Bill(s) for State Wide E-Verify as Mandatory and institute the Federal 287G Program in Conjunction with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.  I would also like to add in, Legal Presence must be proven for any state assistance and programs that drain our tax dollars.

Who is going to stand up to the Poppa Joe Vallarios, Ramirez, Hixson, Ana Sol, Dumais, Madaleno, and on and on?  The Citizens of Maryland demand institution of these Bills to be introduced.  We will also make sure that Casa De Maryland does not bus in Illegals to testify.  How are Illegal Aliens allowed to enter our State House?  Under false credentials?  Do they enter with verified Drivers License’s to testify, do you allow those with fraudulent documents to come in and testify?

When they are on their way, be aware, ICE will be called and individual credentials will be verified before entering the State House.  Under law, Illegal Aliens are not allowed to come in and testify on behalf of Legislation on Bills presented by the State House Assembly.

You are allowing them to break the law and you are held accountable for allowing this.  This will not happen this time.  The people have spoken. If PG and Montgomery County wants to continue on catering to the Illegal Aliens in our state, then they should separate themselves for Maryland as a whole.  We are demanding investigations into Casa De Maryland, Centro Familia, Acorn and Acorn Housing and the ties of one Gustavo Torres Executive Director who is receiving outside funding from Hugo The Terrorist Chavez, who is also friends with the Iranian Leader.  Wake up, we are not taking it any longer.  We want our state back.  We want our Tax Dollars back and we want those who do not come here legally and get in line for their VISA’s removed from our Communities. The crime rates have risen thanks to this. If you are unable to do the job we employed you for, we will find someone else who will do it.

This is an election year, we are loud, proud, and most of all Legal United State’s Citizen’s and Marylanders as well as Legal Immigrants who came here and did it the proper way.

Stop being afraid of PG and Montgomery County, they are only 2 counties of 24 and 22 other counties are on board. Listen to us know, or pay the price at the polls.


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