SPLC Lies Get Salon Magazine and Mike Madden In Hot Water – Labels FAIR A Hate Group

SPLC Lies Get Salon Magazine and Mike Madden In Hot Water
January 14, 2009

A liberally biased reporter for Salon.com, Mike Madden, attempted to run to the aid of the Martha Coakley’s campaign yesterday after Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) endorsed and contributed to the Scott Brown for U.S. Senate campaign in Massachusetts.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is a national organization with over 30,000 supporters that endorses hundreds of federal candidates each election cycle. The group’s mission is to represent the wishes of the 80% of Americans, found in multiple scientific and certified polls, who favor immigration enforcement instead of amnesty. ALIPAC makes overt, repeated, and documented efforts to be inclusive of Americans of all races, political parties, denominations, and walks of life. ALIPAC’s President, William Gheen, has a background in civil rights campaigns from the 1990s. The group is also supported by many LEGAL immigrants.

“We do all we can to represent the 80% found in those pro-enforcement readings in the polls,” said Gheen. “We know that the majority of blacks and Hispanics, as well as the majority of Democrats, favor enforcement over Amnesty. Our goal is to unify so we face constant false attacks on our organization’s character from unscrupulous writers like Mike Madden of Salon.com”

Mike Madden of Salon.com made a major mistake by launching a hit piece against ALIPAC after receiving ALIPAC’s press release about the endorsement of the Scott Brown campaign.

Madden accessed propaganda distributed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which has become widely discredited in the last few years for distributing false information that has embarrassed many members of the media who quoted them.

“We hope that the national embarrassment Mr. Madden and Salon.com will now endure for printing false and derogatory attacks in an attempt to affect the outcome of an election will be a lesson to others,” said Gheen. “Print media is not supposed to attempt to write political smears to influence elections, and when they use false information like this, everyone suffers.”

Mike Madden even attempted to contact the Scott Brown campaign to ask for responses to his promotion of false and derogatory information.

Here are our corrections that will be circulated nationally today.

SPLC / Mike Madden / Salon.com False claim #1

“Scott Brown’s ugly friends…. GOP candidate for Senate draws some support from the far right…a couple of unsavory right-wing groups are coming to Republican candidate Scott Brown’s aid — underscoring just how conservative the GOP nominee…really is.”

The use of the word “ugly” is overtly biased, childish, and highly unprofessional. This is a campaign for U.S. Senate, not a playground fight. If Mr. Madden and his editors are not up to the level of professionalism expected, they should stay away from the elections all together. It is not a far-right position to support secure borders and immigration enforcement while opposing Amnesty. Many Americans who consider themselves Democrats and liberals support ALIPAC’s stances.

SPLC / Mike Madden / Salon.com False claim #2

“The endorsement may not be entirely welcome news; the Southern Poverty Law Center points out that some of ALIPAC’s funding comes from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which the SPLC has branded a hate group.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is not and has not ever been funded by FAIR (Federation For American Immigration Reform). The SPLC claim that ALIPAC receives funding from FAIR is blatantly false.

Furthermore, ALIPAC does not recognize the SPLC claim that FAIR is a “hate group” as a legitimate claim. We have witnessed that FAIR is a multi-racial, non-violent, pro-immigration enforcement group that works with lawmakers and the media. The SPLC has developed a reputation for attacking multi-ethnic civic-oriented organizations that simply oppose illegal immigration.

In closing, ALIPAC is not “ugly”, “unsavory”, nor “right wing”. Opposing illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals is not “ugly”, “unsavory”, or “right wing”. ALIPAC receives no funding from FAIR and FAIR is not a hate group.

Mike Madden, Salon.com, and The Southern Poverty Law Center are printing and circulating false and derogatory propaganda and in doing so are hurting their own credibility.


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