Governor O’Malleys Final Legislative Session begins Tonight – Larry Hogan

Dear Friend,

The last legislative session of Martin O’Malley’s term as Governor begins today. Thankfully for the people of Maryland, it will all be over in 90 days. After that, he will no longer be able to do any more damage to our state, or any more harm to small businesses and hard working Maryland families. Marylanders simply can not afford another four years of Martin O’Malley. His failed record of lost jobs, higher spending, record tax increases and broken promises is unacceptable and Marylanders deserve better.

By any measure, Maryland is far worse off than when O’Malley took the reigns of our State Government, three years ago. We have a 26 year high in unemployment; more than 216,000 Marylanders are unemployed. Maryland is one of only 8 states in the nation that still has rising unemployment figures. At the onset of the recession, he forced the largest tax increases in Maryland history on struggling families. He placed higher taxes and additional burdens and regulations on small businesses and mom and pop stores, forcing them to lay off workers and close up shop.

He started out the first session by blowing the billion dollar cash surplus we left him from the Ehrlich Administration. Then he raised taxes on businesses, and raised income taxes, and sales taxes by $1.6 billion, and even after getting a $2.3 billion dollar bailout from the federal taxpayers, he continued to increase spending by more than a billion dollars in each of the last three legislative sessions, increasing state spending by $3.3 billion so far in his term. This caused us to have a shortfall of over $2 billion. So now he wants to go, hat in hand, back to Washington to ask for another bailout from, us, the federal taxpayers.

The people of Maryland are suffering, families are struggling, and small businesses all over the state are leaving for friendlier pastures or are shutting down all together. People are frustrated, worried and angry. They are concerned about losing their jobs. They are upset about out of control government spending and oppressive taxes. They feel that not only are our government leaders not solving the serious problems, but that they are actually causing the problems and making things worse.

As their last legislative session begins, the arrogant monopoly in Annapolis continues to believe that they can ignore the concerns of our citizens. They are wrong. A recent independent poll showed that only 39% of Maryland voters would vote to re-elect the Governor but, because of voter registration figures and millions in special interest money they still think they can buy a new term for O’Malley. Again, they are wrong. The people of Maryland are completely fed up with politics as usual. This election won’t be about Republicans vs. Democrats, it’s much more important than that, it’s about Maryland’s future. I firmly believe that Marylanders are ready to say “enough is enough” and that they are going to send a strong clear message to Annapolis in 2010.


Larry Hogan


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