Every Thursday Night Reminder – Cecil Calvert on the All American Patriot Radio Show with Devin Norris

You can listen in at http://wapr.fm or through http://www.blogtalkradio.com then search Devin Norris.  It is at 11pm eastern time and carries over a million listeners in this time frame, stretching from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Previous shows of Devin Norris have included, Scott Brown, Ari David, Laurie Roth, Bill Randall, and many many more.  Together, we can bring America back to where she belongs, by voting out the Rinos and Libatards in DC and our States.

We can no longer sustain a balanced government under the guidance and terms set forth by those who would repress our freedoms of speech.  Those such as Obama, Reid, Boxes, Hoyer, Mikulski, Pelosi, Cardin, Cummings, and many many more.

Stay tuned and be sure to listen.  I will be getting a candidate for Maryland State Senate on the Show as soon as he is available.  All Marylanders and Washington County should follow Devin’s show, it’s fantastic.  He is also going to be making a run in 2012 on the GOP for President.


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