ALIPAC Accomplishments for 2009 include Maryland

Friends of ALIPAC,

Thanks to your activism, the vote on in-state tution for illegal aliens has been pushed back to Monday, January 11th which is the last day they can pass the measure to have outgoing Democrat Governor Corzine sign it.  After Monday, the issue is dead for four years in New Jersey because incoming Republican Governor Christie will veto it.

Yesterday, a bill to provide marriage rights to homosexuals failed and this bodes well for our efforts to stop the second big item on the Democratic Party leadership’s agenda in New Jersey which is the tution bill.

We will renew our efforts in NJ on Monday morning.  If you are in New Jersey and you are willing to go to lobby lawmakers Monday morning, please email us right away.

In the meantime, please review and share this important information while we have a brief window to deliver this to you…



Here is a partial list of ALIPAC’s accomplishments for the year 2009.

We do a list like this every year to show our existing and potential supporters what we do and how our efforts work.

2009 was a very tough year and we had to play defense a lot more than prior years due to the momentum created for illegal aliens and their supporters by the election of Barack Obama and larger numbers of Democrats across the nation. Despite the difficulties, we did slow or stall their advance and we look forward to the near future when the pro-enforcement side of this debate returns to political offense.

We want to thank every volunteer and donor that made these efforts possible and a success in 2009. Each year we get stronger and can accomplish more. 2009 was ALIPAC’s 5th full year of operations fighting against illegal immigration and for more border security and immigration enforcement.
ALIPAC’s 2009 Accomplishments Details

— Helped to successfully delay the filing of amnesty legislation with no bill being filed in the U.S. Senate and a bill filed in the House in late December thanks to thousands of targeted e-mails, calls, and faxes to Congress through our “Operation Amnesty Shutdown 2009”. ALIPAC’s successful efforts to delay the filing of Amnesty legislation pushed the debate into 2010, where we had better chances of defeating Amnesty. Promoted “Operation Blue Dog” to target Democrats in vulnerable districts who are hesitant to vote on Amnesty.

— ALIPAC fought and won over 90% of our battles in the states for immigration enforcement and against benefits for illegal aliens, including serious state legislation bills attempting to offer in-state tuition to illegal aliens in Arkansas, Colorado, Oregon, New Jersey, and Maryland in 2009. We won against the illegal aliens and their supporters in every state battle except Wisconsin. Other victories were achieved in North Carolina, Nebraska, and other states like Missouri where we helped pass a complete ban on illegal aliens in colleges. Please contact us, if you would like a full listing of our numerous state legislation successes in 2009.

— Defeated Dream Act Amnesty legislation again in 2009, with targeted messages and lawmaker contacts from ALIPAC’s national network of volunteers and activists who shut down any motion on the legislation, after a big push by illegal alien supporters in early 2009. ALIPAC’s video of the UNC Tancredo incident also helped shut down Dream Act legislation in 2009.

— ALIPAC set a new yearly web traffic record serving over 58 million pages viewed of information about illegal immigration, activism against illegal immigration, and the negative impacts of illegal immigration at our primary website of We remain the largest archive of information in existence on the topic of illegal immigration and our archives serve the public, lawmakers, researchers, campaigns, the media, and law enforcement.

— ALIPAC’s seven secondary websites have served over 3 million pages of information in 2009, including our expanded presence on YouTube, which has now earned over 2.1 million views of our videos at ALIPAC1

— ALIPAC became the most supported organization in America addressing immigration issues in the new social medias of Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace, therefore allowing us to reach out to and organize more Americans in the fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty. With over 5,000 supporters on Facebook, over 1,000 on Myspace, and over 12,000 on Twitter, ALIPAC is more popular and powerful than La Raza, MALDEF, LULAC, and all other immigration related groups.

— Appeared on FOX News and CNN along with many talk radio shows and in newspaper articles to spread the message that 80% of Americans oppose illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens.

— Expanded our national supporter list from 25,000 to well over 30,000 in 2009!

— Fought against the growing censorship on Google, Ebay, and YouTube that was designed to alter the debate on illegal immigration, including helping to bring international press attention to the banned illegal alien Halloween costume.

— Launched a new section on our websites at and called “Polls and Surveys” to provide our activist supporters a comprehensive collection of scientific polling data showing super majorities of Americans support our pro-enforcement stances.

— Upgraded the ALIPAC website and server capacity to handle more visitors, at a greater rate of speed, and handle higher demands for our archives, while providing more security to handle increased hacking and disruption attempts from illegal alien supporters.

— ALIPAC was the first national organization to come to the defense of Congressman Joe Wilson by launching supportive media and activists campaigns just hours after he exclaimed “You lie!” on the floor of Congress. ALIPAC has endorsed Congressman Wilson in several elections since 2004, and came to his aid in order to point out to the nation that President Obama was lying when he claimed illegal aliens would not be covered by his health care legislation.

— Led over 50 people in protest outside of the N.C. Community College Board meeting geared to allow illegal aliens back into N.C. community colleges. ALIPAC’s earlier efforts in 2008 helped N.C. become one of the first states in America to bar illegal aliens from colleges in a precedent that can influence other states. While illegal aliens are not back in our colleges, ALIPAC is fighting hard to defend our prior enforcement progress.

— Supported historic Tea Party and 9/12 events across America by leading a coalition of over 25 immigration enforcement groups like ALIPAC in to support these events. ALIPAC in turn has received a lot of new supporters and growth from those efforts, while creating powerful new coalitions that are needed for success in the pivotal 2010 elections.

— ALIPAC quickly organized historic ‘Tea Parties Against Amnesty’ that were held in over 50 cities and towns on November 14. Across America, thousands of patriotic Americans attended to help us push back the filing of Amnesty legislation by Congressman Luis Gutierrez. With only a few short weeks to prepare, these events were the warm up for larger events designed to help us defeat Amnesty in the spring of 2010.

— Issued calls for the resignation or termination of Janet Napolitano for claiming “The system worked,” after her department failed to revoke the valid travel visa of Detroit terrorist bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Earlier calls for Napolitano to resign or be terminated were launched, when it was discovered the Department of Homeland Security was circulating official advisories to police departments across the nation that labeled most political opponents of President Barack Obama, including Americans opposed to illegal immigration and Amnesty, as suspect domestic terrorists capable of murdering officers and destroying buildings and infrastructure.

— Actively opposed the nomination of Sonia Sotomayer to the U.S. Supreme Court due to her prior racist comments against white people and her involvement with racist pro-illegal immigration open borders radical groups like the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).

— ALIPAC helped successfully blocked an effort in Washington to offer taxpayer monies as a bailout for biased newspapers in America that support illegal immigration.

— Filmed and released documentation of illegal alien supporters at UNC Chapel Hill smashing out windows and clashing with police in an attempt to silence the free speech rights of Congressman Tom Tancredo. ALIPAC’s film footage and perspective on the incident were viewed by millions of Americans online and on every major national network, including FOX, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC. The resulting public backlash led to public apology from University officials and criminal prosecution of those that disrupted the Tancredo event. The ALIPAC film footage of the UNC incident helped stop any forward motion on the Dream Act Amnesty legislation in 2009.

— Launched public speaking tour in California called ‘Unify Against Amnesty’ in the Spring to unify groups and activists for the battle against Amnesty ahead. Spoke out on talk radio shows, worked with leaders of ten other organizations, and gave keynote addresses in Garden Grove, Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria.

— Issued national advisories on Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti Defamation League (ADL) warning all lawmakers and members of the media that both groups had been documented disseminating false and derogatory information. Implicated role of SPLC and ADL in the distribution of false information from the Department of Homeland Security that relied on political sources to infer that Americans opposing the political agenda of President Obama were suspect domestic terrorists.

— Raised awareness in the national media of the special treatment President Barrack Obama’s welfare dependent illegal alien aunt, Zeituni Onyango is receiving by being able to remain in the U.S. and receive special new court hearings.


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