Meet Candidate Corrogan Vaughn for U.S. Senate vying for Mikulski’s Seat

Corrogan R. Vaughn

Candidate, U.S. Senate, from Maryland

Born on March 8, 1966 in Lynchburg, Virginia, Corrogan Vaughn is the only son of Rev. Dr. Alfred Corrogan Daniel Vaughn and Dr. Lillian Purnell Vaughn.  Upon the death of his grandfather some nine months after his birth, his parents returned to his grandfather’s home in Baltimore, Maryland so that his father could help with his thirteen siblings.  Even so, Corrogan’s father continued to minister at Promise Land Baptist Church in southwestern Virginia on weekends.  His father became pastor of Grace Memorial Baptist Church in 1968; in 1986 Dr. Vaughn was called back to pastor his home church, the historical Sharon Baptist Church in Baltimore, where he ministers to this day.

Corrogan’s parents entrusted his formal education to the Baltimore Public Schools of Callaway Elementary, Green Spring Jr. High, and Northwestern Senior High, graduating in 1984. Corrogan is currently completing a Bachelors of Science in Business at the Virginia University at Lynchburg.

Raised in the strong faith of his parents and family, and instilled with the admonitions from his teachers to give back to his community, Corrogan went to work, settling on a career with the U.S. Airways Group, where he remained until 2002.

It is important to know that Corrogan has had bumps in his road of life, first being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1990, which brought his commercial pilot training to a temporary halt.  Because of his strong belief system, the faith and prayers of his friends and family, and his strong work ethic, Corrogan was able to remain at US Airways.

Like so many others, Corrogan found himself laid off from US Airways, after sixteen years of service, mostly as a result of the aftermath of September 11. As a dedicated employee of US Airways, he saw the company’s presence dwindle from 2,000 down to 50 employees at Thurgood Marshal BWI Airport in a period of only a few years.

Corrogan is intimately acquainted with the workings of the unemployment benefits system and the pressure of being on the other side of the work force. Corrogan understands the pain of those who are unemployed and underemployed because he lived through it himself. However, because of his strong belief in the wisdom of God and the faith instilled from birth by his family and friends, he has continued to grow spiritually and never wavered in his adherence to the belief of giving back to the community.
Throughout his life, Corrogan has worked in faith-based communities as a member of the Progressive National Baptist Convention.  He was the first lay leader to be elected as First Vice President of the Convention for the State of Maryland and, as such, he pushed for the Convention to take amore active role in the registration of voters.  Prior to that, Corrogan served on the Political Action Concern Board of the Convention, the Executive Board (proxy for Maryland), and as a member of the National Arrangement Committee.   Closer to his home, he has been a leader in reaching out to underprivileged children and families, including those who are incarcerated and their families.  As a member of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc., Corrogan served on the committee to elect Dr. W. Franklin Richardson Sr., President, and he then served as Transportation Director to airlift Dr. Richardson’s delegation to the 1999 National Baptist Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Corrogan presently serves as a deacon and lay leader at his father’s church, Sharon Baptist, now in its 121st year ministering in Baltimore.  He also serves as an Executive Board member for the largest interfaith organization in the world, the Hampton Ministers Conference and Music Guild.

Corrogan has always been active politically and his mentors include the late Dr. Aris T. Allen, the first African-American leader of the Maryland GOP; Gov. William Donald Schaefer, former Democrat Governor of Maryland and Baltimore Mayor, Corrogan’s godfather, the late Dr. Ralph David Abernathy (co-author with Dr. Martin Luther King of the Civil Rights Movement), the late Dr. Thomas Holmes, pastor of the Community Baptist Church of New Haven. Other significant mentors include: Dr. Harold A. Carter Sr., pastor of the New Shiloh Baptist Church of Baltimore; the late Dr. Eddie R. Wilson Jr., pastor of the Leaden Hall Baptist Church of Baltimore, and Dr. Gardner C. Taylor and Bishop John R. Bryant, both among Corrigan’s key spiritual mentors.

Corrogan’s father, Rev. Dr. A.C.D. Vaughn, the first recipient of the Rosa Parks’ Medal of Freedom in 1989, was his first mentor.  His father’s example as a passionate and faithful servant to the community has guided Corrogan throughout his personal, professional and political life.

Politically, over the years Corrogan has worked on numerous campaigns including Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. and Lt. Governor Michael S. Steele in 2002.  He also helped other candidates throughout Maryland in their campaigns to represent the citizens of their respective districts. Friendships established as a result of those campaigns broadened his understanding of the problems facing Maryland citizens from Oakland to Ocean City; from Garrett County down to St. Mary’s County, and Cecil County down to Somerset County.
Corrogan’s experiences as a faith-based leader, a small business owner, and a dutiful, long-term employee of a major corporation, have uniquely equipped him to have a positive impact on the political scene in Maryland.  He co-hosted two radio shows, “Lunchtime with the Maryland GOP,” designed to familiarize Marylanders with the Republican Party, and “Rockin’ D Vote,” designed to increase voter registrations, familiarize the listeners with current political events, and bring about the restoration of rights to non-violent ex-offenders.

Corrogan’s campaign raises a simple but crucial question, “Do we, as a nation, want to keep sending back to Washington, elitist, career politicians who have not only been a part of, but even created many of our country’s problems?” Shouldn’t we instead send a true Statesman like Corrogan Vaughn who shares the views and values of so many Marylanders and Americans? Isn’t that what the Founding Fathers envisioned?

At the end of the day Corrogan is truly about “People and Principles!” He will dutifully serve God and protect our nation and families in the U.S. Senate. Corrogan will not be just another follower with a go-along-to-get-along style. He will set an example, while using the position to hold others accountable for their oath to faithfully defend and uphold the Constitution and be a force to change the collection of corruption in the Capital.

Senate Candidate Corrogan Vaughn Hosting MLK Breakfast at the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore, Please contact Candidate Vaughn at

Corrogan Vaughn or

Jim Crawford

You are Invited to a celebratory breakfast on January 15, 2010 at the Belvedere Hotel

Commemorate Martin Luther Kings Birthday while supporting U.S. Senate, hopeful, Corrorgan R. Vaughn!
Enjoy an American style, full breakfast buffet while being part of history in the making: The announcement of Corrogan R. Vaughn’s candidacy for U.S. Senate

Corrogan R. Vaughn is about “People & Principles”

Support a strong candidate whose vision not only involves change but enrichment of the values our forefathers designed for this Nation:

(Fiscal Responsibility  Building a solid, Family-friendly, American Economy

Energy Independence  Traditional FamilyValues-upholding their constitutionalism

Strong National Defense New Business and JOB Opportunities

and the focus on our future – Developing the Best & Brightest children to one day lead our Nation!)

Give your small donation of $45 to support the change you want to see and enjoy a commemorative day celebrating American history and her history in the making.

Become a sponsor for this event: contact a Vaughn4America representative today at _________


(Sponsorship Levels)

Gold Sponsor – $500

  • 2 table accommodations for 20 guests
  • Your provided signage posted in event area
  • Marketing materials provided for each guest
  • Logo and/or name mention during media coverage

Silver Sponsor – $250

  • 1 table accommodations for 10 guests
  • Marketing materials provided for each guest

Join Us on January 15, 2010 from 9am – 12pm

at the Belvedere Hotel in Historic Mount Vernon for

Corrogan R. Vaughn’s MLK Day/Candidate Breakfast


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  1. Posted by thegoodguy on January 24, 2010 at 8:21 AM

    Vaughn, really? The only viable candidate for the seat is Dr. Wargotz. He actually stands a chance. He is a strong candidate, with good values, and an unbelievable head on his shoulders. He is the leadership Maryland needs, and Maryland conservatives should realize that! We need to all band behind one, strong, candidate if we expect to win in 2010!


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