Candidate Profile – Larry Hogan – Possible run for Governor of Maryland

Larry Hogan is a lifelong Marylander who loves this great state. He is a successful small businessman and former Maryland Cabinet Secretary, who has spent his entire life fighting for Maryland as a civic leader and a grassroots reformer. He co-chaired a bipartisan campaign to reform county government. He has been active in citizen referendums to limit taxes. He has fought against the special interests, and challenged the status quo. Larry has always stood up for working families, and small businesses.

Larry Hogan is not a professional politician. He has not spent his entire career in elective office. He does have a decade of public service experience, having held several important positions at the federal, state, and local level but, more importantly he has 25 years of real world experience in the private sector, founding and running several successful small businesses. Larry knows what it’s like to work hard every day, to struggle to meet a payroll, to balance a budget, and to create jobs.

Larry Hogan has never walked away from a tough challenge, he has always believed that nothing is impossible. Larry is no stranger to Maryland politics. His last campaign was an even tougher challenge against a more powerful opponent. In an overwhelmingly Democratic District, outspent 7 to 1 against a leader of Congress, Larry defeated Congressman Steny Hoyer in four out of five Counties in Maryland’s Fifth Congressional District. Hoyer called it the toughest race of his entire political career.

Larry is the founder, President and CEO of the Hogan Companies. He lives in Annapolis with his wife Yumi, an artist and vocalist. They have three daughters and are active in many civic, community and charitable organizations. Larry’s father, Lawrence J. Hogan, Sr. is a former Prince George’s County Executive and Member of Congress who gave up his seat to run for Governor of Maryland in 1974.

Larry Hogan News Links

Washington Post: Maryland governor’s race could feature 2 from Ehrlich team

STRIKING OUT — State’s special ‘hiring’ committee disbands amid controversy

Larry Hogan on the WBAL C4 show

Listen online to Larry’s interview with Adam Avery of Seniors Talk Radio

Baltimore Sun: Hogan Appears Close to Gubernatorial Bid

Poll: O’Malley leads Ehrlich but could be vulnerable

Clarus Poll: Gov. O’Malley Could Face Trouble in 2010 Election

Baltimore Sun: Pappas drops gubernatorial bid and backs Hogan

Washington Post: Hogan to claim support of Pappas in Md. governor’s race

Southern Maryland News: Pappas pulls out of governor race, backs Hogan Pappas ends run for governor

Larry Hogan profile from the Baltimore Examiner

Washington Post:
“Hogan is regarded by many Republicans as the most credible alternative to Ehrlich…”
“Hogan has emerged as the number one backup for Maryland Republicans if Ehrlich doesn’t run.”

The Gazette:
“Hogan has been a fierce critic of O’Malley and the Democratic leadership, which he called “an arrogant monopoly.”

Baltimore Sun:
“Larry Hogan, a former state Cabinet secretary, announced last week that he would start “testing the waters” for a gubernatorial bid. …’Somebody simply must step up to the challenge’.”.

National Journal Hotline:
Headline: “Hogan, the GOP Hero?”

Washington Times:
Headline: “Hogan to Test Waters for Md. Governor’s Race”

Annapolis Capital:
“Hogan said he’s going to test the waters for support in the event that Ehrlich decides against a rematch with Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley in 2010. Hogan said he would launch a “Hogan for Maryland” committee to begin gauging support.”

Red Maryland (Leading State GOP Blog):
“…(Hogan) nearly pulled off the impossible in 1992: beating Steny Hoyer. Hogan challenged Hoyer for his father’s old congressional seat. Hoyer, who won with only 51% of the vote, called it the “toughest race of his entire political career.”

Hogan, who founded a successful commercial real estate brokerage, understands the threats to small business, taxpayers, and working families from O’Malley’s reckless spending, taxation, and mindless regulation.”


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