Senator Don Munson wakes up to the Technology Age and Gets a Facebook Fan Page

It’s a shame that most of the fans on his Fans site is mostly Democratic voters.  What does that tell you about Senator Donald Munson, it tells you that Washington County needs to wake up and smell the Conservative Roses of True Conservative Values.  Don Munson has left his Conservative Values at the door when he enters the assembly.

He forgets what is best for you.  He votes for Illegal Immigration dollars, might I add, that’s your tax payer dollars.  He voted in favor of Speed Cameras, most of Washington County did not want this at all.  He voted for the Millionaires Tax Increase and we see how well that helped Washington County with a 30 percent drop off in Tax Rates from the Wealthy.

All  and all, Senator Munson has forgotten his roots as a Politician and his sidekick Ryan Miner has already begun to spread falsehoods about Delegate Shank.  Nice Campaign your running there Ryan R Miner.  I think you need to go back and learn how to run a campaign of Facts and not Fiction.  While you are at, why not defend your boss on his support for Illegal Immigration and Casa De Maryland which received our Tax Dollars.  Washington County funds Illegals to the cost of 36 million a year.  Can you defend that?  No, it was reported by the Maryland Dept of Planning along with FAIR.  I guess you didn’t get that notice. 

Happy New Year.


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