Once Again, O’Malley Tries to Mask Broken Promise – This Time on Electric Rates


December 21, 2009 Once Again, O’Malley Tries to Mask Broken Promise – This Time on Electric Rates


Contact: Steve Crim (410) 353-3116

Today, Larry Hogan responded to Martin O’Malley’s newest attempt to distract voters from his record of failure and broken promises. This week, O’Malley’s showboating in the press involved electricity rates, which have risen by 90% since he became governor.

“It’s becoming really predictable,” said Larry Hogan. “To try to reverse sinking poll numbers, O’Malley is willing to promise anything, like lower electricity rates, or create meaningless small business government task forces. Governor O’Malley has always been good with rhetoric, it’s his record that has caused his wide-spread unpopularity.”

“Voters will not forget O’Malley’s disingenuous promise during the last campaign,” Hogan continued. “He was elected primarily because of TV commercials promising to stop the BGE rate hikes. But after three years of grandstanding and showboating, rates have risen 90%, far more than they were ever projected to rise.”

“Meanwhile, O’Malley and the pro-tax Democrats that run the General Assembly have passed multiple regulations and taxes on energy production, delivery, and usage,” Hogan said. “These actions will only serve to raise rates even further.”

“Again it comes back to showing real leadership and tackling problems in a comprehensive way,” concluded Hogan. “A quick fix of artificially limiting electricity rates is not a real solution. If O’Malley is serious about easing the burden on working families, he will roll back the crushing tax burden and stop using energy policy to regulate behavior.”


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