Maryland Democrats bow to the Pressure of The People – No Pay Raises

From Maryland Senate Republican Caucus

In response to harsh Republican opposition and taxpayer outrage, the
Democrat leadership of the Maryland General Assembly issued a statement
today and conceded that there will be no proposals to increase legislative
compensation over the next four-year term.

Senate Minority Leader Allan Kittleman issued the following statement with
regard to the recommendations of the Maryland General Assembly Compensation

“With so much hardship facing Maryland’s taxpayers, now is not the time
for legislators to consider pay increases or other enhanced compensation.
Unfortunately, historic tax increases and bad policy decisions by Governor
O’Malley has significantly added to the fiscal burden that has been placed
on Maryland’s citizens.  While Republican legislators have strongly
opposed this “tax and spend” mentality, the Democrat majority has
rubber-stamped the O’Malley agenda instead of stopping this economic
“piling on” of our fiscally-stressed taxpayers. Maryland taxpayers are
absolutely correct when they express their outrage on this process.”


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by b4its2late on January 5, 2010 at 11:53 PM

    They will still have to vote on it. It is a good saving face move on their part if it is voted down. However, when they were asked to show their solidarity with state workers doing furloughs, many of them chose not to give anything back but I’m betting that not one legislator who is up for re-election this year is going to vote for the raises. If they do, they are doomed. Some of them are already doomed no matter which way they vote! People are fed up and tired of all of this both locally and federally. They need to take it out on someone … it might as well be incumbents.


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