January 13th March on Annapolis from Americans For Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity Maryland

f you haven’t registered at www.marchonannapolis.com please do so and spread the word by posting http://www.marchonannapolis.com on your walls and emails to get people to make their voices heard.


Because Governor Martin O’Malley said ” It was hard to ask people to do more but it would have been irresponsible not to ask the people to choose to make progress.” – Baltimore Examiner Nov 27

That was back in 2007 and the tax increase was supposed to solve our problems. But we have a 2 billion dollar budget shortfall that has to get solved.

Where will State Politicians get the money? Hopefully not from your wallets, but their options are limited.

Please come Jan 13 to Annapolis as we have activities planned all day and the agenda can be found at http://www.marchonannapolis.com

Please share this with all your friends, neighbors, and concerned tax payers.



2 Billion Dollar Budget Short Fall, Sign Up Online and Share: 1-13 March on Annapolis


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