Campaign Manager for Governor O’Malley Emails me for Donations – His Obssesion over Ehrlich won’t stop!!

Governor Martin O’Malley is delusional and a wrecking ball to the State of Maryland.  Let’s help him by throwing our dollars to the Right.  God Bless you Marty.  You are making this all to easy for us.

Tom Russell, Campaign Manager

jeff —

Over the past few days, hundreds of O’Malley/Brown supporters have stepped up to help make sure our campaign can take on Robert Ehrlich and the Republicans in this new year.

jeff, we haven’t heard from you yet — and we need your help to hit our crucial fundraising goal of $500,000 by January 10.

Can you pitch in now? Every dollar makes a difference:

As Governor O’Malley mentioned in his email the other day, campaign finance laws will prevent our campaign from raising any funds for three months, starting next week.

That’s a big GOP advantage we’ve got to overcome, and we need your help to overcome it. Let’s make sure that, this time next year, the Republicans and their right-wing supporters aren’t packing their bags for Annapolis.



———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Gov. Martin O’Malley

Date: Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 2:53 PM

Subject: Ehrlich for Governor?

Dear Tom,

Robert Ehrlich claims he still doesn’t know whether he’ll run for governor next year.

But there’s one thing he does know for sure: he’s got plenty of friends ready to bankroll his campaign. He recently made it clear to the Baltimore Sun that he expects to raise $10 to $12 million if he runs next year, despite the poor economy.

Ehrlich’s been wrong about a lot of things over the years, but he might be right about this. The GOP has some pretty significant built-in advantages in next year’s race.

The biggest is a Maryland law that prevents you from donating to my campaign during the Legislative Session. For three months, Ehrlich and the Republicans will be raising money from conservatives and right-wing groups from across the country while the lieutenant governor and I are fighting to create jobs and protect Maryland’s schools.

That’s why we need your help now. We need to raise $500,000 by January 10 to ensure that we’ll be able to keep up with the Republican fundraising machine when the Legislative Session ends.

Will you help us by pitching in to support our campaign today?

Since their big wins in New Jersey and Virginia, the right wing is itching for Republicans to regain power — and they’re willing to do whatever they can to make it happen.

Ehrlich says interest in his candidacy has “quadrupled” since he’s been on the Republican cocktail party circuit in recent months. And no wonder — conservative special interests benefited handsomely when Ehrlich was in office. Life will be a lot sweeter for them if he or another Republican moves back into the statehouse.

With your help, Lt. Governor Brown and I will have the resources on hand next spring to come out swinging against the Republicans — and continue the progress we’ve made for Maryland’s families over the last three years.

We won’t be able to take on the Republicans next year without your help.

Help us reach our half-million-dollar goal by January 10. Please donate now:

Thank you for all your support — and Happy New Year!

Gov. Martin O’Malley

P.S. We can’t afford to give Robert Ehrlich and the Republicans a three-month head start. Please make a contribution today:


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