Where in the World is Donald Munson? Delegate Shank Comments on Pay Raises

While Governor Martin O’Malley ponders having the session review pay increases for State Leaders, the only visible Delegate from Washington County making statements regarding Pay Increases is Delegate Chris Shank,

Republican Del. Christopher B. Shank, the minority whip and an adjunct professor at George Washington University, said no raises should be considered for any elected official for the next four years, noting that hisWashington County district is facing a 10 percent unemployment rate.

“We don’t need a raise, and that’s it,” he said. “We’re already fairly compensated.”

Senator Donald “The Leftist” Munson, he never comments, just sits back and watches and gives his votes to the left for his own gains.  It’s time for change and Fresh Ideas.  Old Ideas need to go.  Liberal Voting Republicans need to go.  We need change, and to make change, people need to research and look at the records.  The Past is the Past and the Future is NOW.  Chris Shank is the one to make the changes we need for all of Washington County.  He is not for himself, he is for the people, unlike Don Munson who is fighting for his own goals and needs.


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