Is there Dissention in the ranks? Delegate Impallaria attacks Delegate Mike Smigiel

I hope this blows over, however, whenever I see any mention of a Republican possibly being tied into Democratic Party Members, I get a bit concerned.  Just like the association of Republican State Senator Donald Munson and his ties to Senate President Democrat Mike Miller and Democratic Delegate John Donoghue.  These are not good things for the party, especially with the momentum we have built.

That battle however between Del Smigiel and Impallaria must come to a halt.  Let’s settle it and move on.

Talk about uncomfortable

By Bryan P. Sears
Posted: December 30, 2009

Things could be a little uncomfortable in the House Republican caucus when the General Assembly session begins on Jan. 13 after Del. Michael Smigiel said recently that Del. Rick Impallariasuggested that he ignore a subpoena at a court hearing earlier this month.

Smigiel, an attorney and Cecil County Republican, was subpoenaed  to testify in a hearing over a contract dispute by Irwin Kramer, an Owings Mills attorney. Kramer had sued Impallaria, claiming the Republican who represents Cockeysville, Kingsville and Middle River and part of Harford County owed nearly $16,000 in back legal fees for his representation of a group known as Democrats for Responsive Government.

Smigiel represented himself during a series of pre-hearing motions, including one in which Impallaria wanted to subpoena billing records in an attempt to show that Smigiel and Kramer had some sort of a fee-splitting arrangement.

Smigiel, under oath, testified that no such arrangement existed and that the subpoena should be quashed.

During that testimony, Smigiel also told District Court Judge Edward Murphy that Impallaria had called him on Dec. 16, the day before the hearing.

Under oath, Smigiel told Murphy that during that phone call Impallaria told him, ” ‘It would be better if you didn’t show up. It’s going to get ugly. I’d hate to be working against you in the next election.’ ”

Smigiel said in court that he told Impallaria that as an attorney and officer of the court he was required to honor the subpoena.

Smigiel testified that Impallaria then said, ” ‘Well, maybe your memory could get bad.’ ”

Smigiel Impallaria


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  1. Interesting, I read it first, here. Thanks


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