My Letter to Montgomery County and Followups – Illegals Run Fake ID Racket

Listed are email address’ of those who are Pro Illegal Immigration and my letter to them, then responses to follow. I encourage all of you to email them your thoughts on Illegal Immigration and they’re assisting of them.,,,,,,,,,,
Kimberley Propeack

Only in the safe haven state of Maryland.  I guess Identity Inc, and the other pro Illegal Alien Groups should heed what we, those who are for Legal Immigration should be aware of.  Instead of trying to get those poor people back into the country, maybe you should concentrate on those who are killing your Support for Legal Immigration Reform.  Groups like yourself are only hurting your cause and the Legal Immigrant is making a stance against the Illegal Aliens in our Communities now as well as the African American Population in Maryland.  If you think you are going to get support from our Legislation this coming Assembly, forget about it.   Poppa Joe and his Gang of Crusaders will be defeated next year.  Don’t try to pony up any of my tax dollars either.  I don’t have any.  I wonder if States Attorney Gansler will work with the Feds to get some sting operations in motion to protect our communities.

Lets not forget about the 11 pounds of Heroin at Dulles Airport from Guatemala that was just announced either.

Feds: Couple ran fake ID mill out of home
By Scott McCabe
The Washington Examiner (DC), December 8, 2009…-78724507.html

Here is their response back to me:

Dear Mr. Werner:

As the newly elected Council President of the County Council, I want to thank you for your correspondence regarding immigration.  We distributed your correspondence to Councilmembers when it was received and I’m pleased to respond on behalf of the County Council.

As you know, immigration is a federal responsibility. In Montgomery County, our intent is to take the situations that exist and work to make conditions the best possible for all residents of our County.

In regard to checks of immigration status: Montgomery County Police have been authorized to check the status of suspects after they have been charged with a crime of violence or possession of a deadly weapon.

Thanks for making your views known.


Nancy Floreen

Council President

Here is my follow-up with no response as of yet.  These people are failures to the Community and Maryland as a whole.

Dear Members of the Montgomery County Council,

Thank you very much for your response.  I am heading up a campaign to institute E Verify in Washington County and it is on the Agenda to be brought up for adoption.  We will then work towards the Federal 287g program as well.  I email Montgomery County on these issues of Illegal Immigration and the crime and the assaults on your citizens as I have family that lives in Bethesda and Gaithersburg.  I speak for them and many others in your Community who would like to see you all of you take a stance towards fixing up your County.  I would make a recommendation of starting with the E Verify Program which is free, and will allow legal citizens of the state to regain their Jobs that are being taken by the Illegal Immigrants in your Communities.

Please consider it.  Its free for business’s to sign up for.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Jeff Werner


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