Harry Reid Moves up Health Care Vote Red Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Reid has moved the Healthcare vote up to 7am. This almost guarantees we will not be able to get inside the Capitol as the visitor’s center doesn’t open until 8:30am, (but we should still try!) Try to arrive early, like 6am or at least 6:30 on the West Lawn. I will bring my bullhorn.  If we have enough people, we can cover all exits. Bring signs to commemorate Mary Jo Koepchne–they will dedicate this to her murderer, Ted Kennedy. Warning: this is NOT an organized demonstration.  Everyone is on their own. We may be told to leave, but I think the circumstances warrant some Civil Disobedience.  If you can’t make it, keep us in your prayers! WOLVERINES!!!

From Robert Broadus, running for Congress from Maryland.


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