Maryland Receives $113 Million in Pork – Lying President signs off on

As President of the United States of Kenya, once again Obama sits back in his recliner rescinding everything he ran on, which included never signing off on a bill that included monies to states for Earmarks.  This man proves why he is a liar. Will his lies ever stop and will Babs finally just call it quits?  I hope so, she is a testament to Fat Government.   Dutch once said live on WBAL radio that he would not seek out any monies that are Earmarked, another liar.,0,3663261.story

Congress gave final approval Saturday to a year-end spending measure that will provide $636.3 billion to keep the Pentagon operating, pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and deliver more than $113 million for earmarked projects by Maryland lawmakers.

The legislation, which mainly funds the Defense Department until Sept. 30, also includes new Maryland transportation construction money related to the realignment of military facilities. A total of about $127 million, mainly for intersection projects at the new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, could be financed out of a $300 million pool established for Washington-area projects.


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