Republican Rebuke Governor for Whining for Federal Bailout

The Failing Governor is continuing his saga on bended knee to plead for help from Washington.  This Governor has become the Ultimate Failure in State Political History.  No man has blundered more then Governor O’Malley, he continues to fib, back peddle, and beg to the Messiah for assistance.  Come on 2010, get here fast!!!!!

Annapolis – Republican leaders in the House and Senate today condemned Governor Martin O’Malley’s call for another federal bailout for Maryland’s budget. They also called upon the Spending Affordability Committee to significantly reduce the spending recommendations for the FY 2011 budget. “ Maryland is in desperate need of true fiscal leadership,” said House Minority Leader Anthony O’Donnell. “Governor O’Malley’s total lack of fiscal responsibility has put the state in this precarious position and he needs to stop looking to everyone else to solve these tough problems. First he raided all the surplus revenues, then he increased taxes and government spending, then he advocated for a horrendously flawed slots plan. The federal government bailed him out once already and now he is seeking more federal taxpayer dollars? That is not leadership.” “My concern is that Governor O’Malley’s first reaction is whining for a federal bailout,” said Minority Leader Allan Kittleman. “The failure of Governor O’Malley’s budget policy is evident by the fact that his three years of misguided leadership has resulted in a $2 billion deficit with no solution except begging for federal funds.” “Governor O’Malley and the Democratic leadership on the state and federal level are mortgaging our children’s future,” said Senate Minority Whip Nancy Jacobs. “The only way to sustain state and federal spending levels will be to increase taxes which will have a catastrophic impact on this economy. As we come together for the holiday season and watch our children and grandchildren unwrap their Christmas gifts, I shudder to think about the massive national debt we are also passing on to them.” “Governor O’Malley’s patterns never change, it is always the same story,” said House Minority Whip Christopher Shank. “As mayor of Baltimore, he looked to the state to bail him out of his budgetary problems. As Governor he has gone to the taxpayers, state employees, vulnerable populations, and now twice to the federal government. Some have compared this to going to MasterCard and asking them to increase your credit limit because your Visa card is maxed out. The state needs to stop spending and live within its means, just as our citizens do.” “It is clear that the Governor lacks the fortitude to manage our fiscal house, and needs the legislature’s guidance,” said Delegate O’Donnell. When the Spending Affordability Committee meets this evening, it needs to send a strong message to the Administration that this fiscal irresponsibility will not be allowed to continue.”


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