Healthcare Alert from Americans for Prosperity

Although, I mostly blog about the Local Dysfunction of Maryland Polictics, when I find good National Articles, they will be included.  The following is a release from Americans For Prosperity on Healthcare, and we all love this new healthcare that the Leftist’s in Washington would thrust upon us at the cost of Tax Payers down the line.  Say it aint so Joe!!!


Washington- We Have a Problem

A new report released last week by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) estimated that “total health costs in the U.S. would be $234 billion higher than if the [current health care] bill weren’t passed.” The Wall Street Journal, which reported on the finding, noted that “the new demand for health care caused by the bill could prove ‘difficult to meet initially’ because doctors and hospitals would charge higher fees in response to the new demand. The report also said the bill’s proposed cuts in Medicare spending ‘may be unrealistic.’”

These findings exposed the wishful thinking of policy makers in Washington who look to force the legislation through by the end of the month. Centrist Democrats on the Hill and moderates like Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) have also grown opposed to the massive deficits that have not been rectified in the bill. As My Way News reported this morning, without further evidence of the bill’s expenditures, the Senate will not have to votes to get the bill passed. As Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) stated, “the whole reason we’re doing this bill is to bring down cost, first for the American people in health care, and secondly for the deficit, so until we get the numbers back from the Congressional Budget Office, we’re all on hold.”

If the CMS report is any guide, they will be on hold indefinitely.

Costs are just one reason Americans are rallying against this congressional brand of health reform. Tomorrow, Americans for Prosperity will be leading a movement on Capitol Hill to sound the alarm on this legislation. The Code Red Rally will take place at 1:30 p.m. in Upper Senate Park on Capitol Hill. For more information, visit:…

If you are unable to attend the D.C. rally, visit your senator’s district office tomorrow! Find the office nearest you:


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